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  1. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Hey! Thanks for reading, and I need help URGENTLY!!!!! A couple days ago my I went to check on my hamster (snaggletooth) and saw he had his foot caught between the door of his cage and the cage its self. I helped him out by opening the door, and it was bleeding. Naturaly I was shaken and...
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    :confetti: i think the girl is on the left in this picture lol girl in my hand and boy below girl again boy. notice the chip in his ear :( Running together :) lol
  3. Lizards
    yeah so all he does is sit on his log and lay under the lights(occasionally going to get food) and now his head is turning black? and this has happened before and i tried to look online but i only found other people with the same problem and no answers. so do i need to take him to a vet or is...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I am looking for a pair of rats that have been hand raised or are very socailized. I havent determined for sure if I want males or females... I live in Passaic County NJ...hoping to not have to travel more than an hour, and would like to have the rats before Chirstmas. I'd like to get 1 black...
  5. Dogs
    I lost the link for a bit, found my way back. Cant recall what pics i last posted of Nika, so please excuse if you have seen any before :) Now onto my girl!
  6. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    hello to all i just adopted 2 black bear syrians they are both approximatly 5 week old litter mates i was just looking for some info on the syrians being that i never had them before i do ave 2 russian dwarfs and i love them to death they are as tame as can be but the knew guys or gals are not...
  7. Dogs
    Yep Nika is hamming it up again *L* and well its been a while since i've given the camera a workout, so here we go *LOL*
  8. Dogs
    Wow....i know Nika has been getting more mature each passing month, but these pics just made me realise my baby really isnt a baby anymore, she looks so much like a full grown dog and she's only 6 months :? :shock:
  9. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Hey I've just joined in order to discuss my poor little dwarf (Siberian) hamster. I got her out and she seemed fine but then when watching her run around the sofa I have noticed a limp. I turned her upside down in my palm and she has a black right leg. she isn't putting any weight on it. But...
  10. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Oreo, my new friend. Please welcome my new friend Oreo. Shes a small black and white, fancy mouse. My great aunts, sons, girl-friend was moving out of their apartment and when my cousin came back, Oreo was all that was left. He dumped it on my Aunt. I came to visit a couple weeks later and feel...
1-10 of 10 Results