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  1. Dogs
    Would you leave your dog with an amateur "dog lover"? Online dog care communities (, are growing rapidly across the country, utilizing mostly amateur "dog lovers" who sell their dog sitting services on these sites. Have you thought about using this type of service? Why or...
  2. Vet Recommendations
    We will be in the Portland OR area late Aug. and need to find a vet/kennel to leave our dog and cat. We have never boarded either of them and we really want to make sure it is well run and the animals get attention. Thanks for any help!!
  3. Cats
    I haven't posted in years and a lot has happened since then. We moved our cat (Pixel) across the country, had a baby, and then moved back. Now we are going to Europe for an extended time and not sure what to do with our cat. That's the short story. long story: She handled the first move just...
  4. General Animal Discussion
    We Recently Used This Pet Sitting Service Called The The Bionic Puppy Nyc. Run Dont Walk Away From These People! The Owner Made Us Feel So Uncomfortable. He Is Irrational And His Temper Is Unacceptable. Their Rates Are Good But Dont Be Fooled. We Did Not Have A Good Experience With Them At All.
  5. Hi

    New Member Introductions
    Just come across this site and had to join - we run a rabbit, guinea pig and small rodent boarding hotel in Lytham, Lancs, UK - we also breed mini lops - and very soon BEW's - see our web site petersrabbitholidays co uk
  6. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    today i was over at my friends house (the one who was supposed to take care of my rat while i was in europe) and he tells me he cant take care of them. And he was my ONLY option so now i need to spend money and find some sort of a boarding place. my local pet store does it but i dont trust...
1-6 of 6 Results