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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    i have 2 rabbits, bonny and clyde, they recently had 8 kittens which we are keeping. we are not neutering clyde or spaying bonny as the risks are very high and our vet has informed us that cancer is most commonly seen in American rabbits. bonny and clyde are in seperate rooms, and bonny is with...
  2. Chinchilla Discussion
    for the last few days murry wont eat her regular food outa the bowl. if i take it out of the bag and hand it to her she eats it. but if its in the bowl she ignores it. first i thought it was just the food so i bought a new bag, then i washed the bowl and she still wont eat out of it x.x i cant...
  3. Dogs
    That was a BRAND new hose, too. ...I can't be too upset. He was only filling up his water bowl, afterall... :rolleyes:
1-3 of 3 Results