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  1. Rabbit Discussion
    Hi Everyone We have a doe who had 3 babies 7 weeks ago. We had planned to keep a female as a companion for the mother and sell the rest, but as there were only 3 and we have become so attached to the boys, we have decided to keep them all. We have had them sexed and there are 2 boys and 1...
  2. Degu Discussion
    Hey! I'm going to be getting three boy degus on Saturday, and it's my first time having them. Can you give me the basic, need-to-know info I'll need to care for them? Such as best cage size, best food, best toys, best feeding time and anything you think will be important. Thank you!
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I've had my boys Piper and Marco for about... 9 months. Time really has flown by. o.o Unfortunately, all both of them seem to want to do is run off. They are nice boys, but they aren't very responsive to being pet, or held. They just want to sit on me long enough to be transported to wherever...
  4. Degu Discussion
    HI all! I am fairly new to degu as adopted 2 6 month old boys from my local pet shop 2 weeks ago. They had been returned to the pet shop as they were brought for breeding but didn't get on with the females.They are super friendly but wont sit still when I hold them. I would also like to be able...
  5. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Just thought I would drop in and let you guys see my boys and where they live. They are living in a 10-gallon tank, I am in the process of building them a four story cage out of a bookshelf. (So if you have any tips, that would be great) Let's start by introducing the boys to you...
  6. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    is there any way to keep male mice together I know a lot of people are saying no but they get along together for like an hour or two until one gets over excited and chases the younger one thank you
  7. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    ok so as a few of you know one of my mice wasn't a boy and we now have babies, besides the fact that she is looking plump again :'( i'm trying to sex the babies. at first they all looked like girls with one boy. now they All look like boys please anyone wanna help me anyone at all in ct i'll...
  8. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    A baby deer was stomped to death by three teenage boys in central park. A nearby dogwalker witnessed the event, but was too shocked and scared to confront them. HOW can people...
  9. Ferret Discussion
    I have 2 Baby Boys, Well not Baby Babies, Niko is a Sable and He is almost 3 years old, and Bandit is a Dark Sable and He will Not be 2 until Sept. 30th. Niko Bandit
1-9 of 9 Results