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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi there! I am a new Paw Talk user! Thanks for letting me be part of it! This is Awesome! Anyway, I have a question. Does anyone know about an experienced bat breeder? I am looking for a few small bats for educational purposes, but there aren't many sellers.
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hey guys I breed rats out in utah and was wondering if there were any other breeders out here who I haven't heard about yet? I've been breeding for 3 years now but to be honest with you a lot of breeders out here are awful! I don't like the idea of having to drive out of state to get new good...
  3. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Hey, guys. I'm looking for a high quality gerbil diet with at least 16% protein. My little Nala is pregnant and I just want her to get enough of what she needs. I've been adding Innova Low Fat cat food and she seems to like it, but I would feel more comfortable just feeding a gerbil diet. I...
  4. Breeder Listings
    Eclipse Exotics is a breeder of ball python morphs, and small geckos. We produce normal, lesser platinum, mojave, cinnamon, woma, orange ghost, albino, piebald, spider, granite, enchi, and combo morph ball pythons. We produce Lepidodactylus lugubris, the mourning gecko. This is a small gecko...
  5. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Hey Everyone! I am trying to get know around the gerbil society as a good breeder who breeds for health, tameness, and also colorfol gerbils :)I live in Pittsburgh, PA and we are Angel n' Halo Gerbils! We are on Google's blogger site under the name angel n halos gerbils! Check it out! Thanks! :)
  6. Other Exotics
    Soon I am going to be adopting two southern flying squirrels :):):) and i would like to know where I can obtain them. I live in the south shore of Massachusetts. Officially, the law states that flying squirrels are legal as pets here if they are bought out of state. this includes services which...
  7. Hedgehog Discussion
    Hedgehog Babies available from BC breeder Hoppin Hedgehogs Available in August and September 2011 ~Family Raised , Hand Tame, Health Guaranteed Prices from $150-$200 ~Shipping Available in BC and Alberta visit us Hoppin Hedgehogs
  8. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    So i dont know if there is another area for me to post this, but i was wondering if anyone knows of a rat breeder or any other means of buying rats other than pet stores in El Paso, Tx
  9. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    I've become extremely unhappy with our current breeder & have even had a death because of them that should NEVER have happened. We're on the look out for one more awesome rat after Buster's death (we'd love a dumbo rat THE MOST) - Ally (Eva & Maeby the rats, too!)
  10. Other Exotics
    I am looking to adopt a fennec fox kit in a few years, and I was wondering if anybody knows of any reputable breeders that I would be able to contact. I have already e-mailed the breeders on this website: A lot of their websites have been disabled, so...
  11. Degu Discussion
    Hello everyone, My husband and I have kept rats for 15 years. We just lost 2 to cancer (again!) recently. I was told about the long life span and social behavior of degus by a friend recently. My husband and I watched about 100 youtube videos and read about their care and we are in love! I am...
  12. Prairie Dog Discussion
    I'm looking for a PD breeder in FL, as I'm looking to get my first PD a buddy. Does any one know of any? Thanks in advance!
  13. Bird Discussion
    Hi, It's been a really long time since I've been here, and at the moment, I'm at my wits end. In a matter of 7 months, I lost my 1 year old cockatiel Isis when she flew out the open door while I was in college. I then had a blue Pacific Parrotlet who was killed by a snake (yeah, a wild snake)...
  14. Degu Discussion
    Howdy all! I'm a new degu owner looking for some help. A small story first. I got my degu (Jingles) the other day. I knew about them/liked them for quite some time, but due to lack of availability in my area, I've stuck with rats. However, a few days ago, I went to a petstore to price some new...
  15. Chinchilla Breeders
    Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I am a small hobby breeder of Chinchillas. I currently have 7 chinchillas, and am looking to expanding my herd. I breed for mosaic, ebony, black velvet, and beige. I do not have a website as of yet, but if you want to contact me my email is...
  16. Other Exotics
    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so I am sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but I am looking for a reputable fennec fox breeder in Canada, preferably somewhere close to British Columbia. If anyone knows of one I would greatly appreciate any info. Thanks in advance
  17. Guinea Pig Discussion
    In several months I will need a pig breeder in my area to replace a baby I lost. Does anyone know of one that is within an hour from Fort Worth, TX? I went looking online and the nearest one I could find was 6 hours away. I do know there is a pig rescue close to me but from what I...
  18. Cats
    Hi there, does anyone know of any Scottish Fold breeders within Ontario? Preferably I'd like to get one around 2 months old..(if thats possible :X)
  19. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    ok well I couldn't resist my friends gerbils had a litter on 3/3 and when I went to see them I had to have one so I ended up with a argente golden male. He is in with my Nutmeg female and I'm hoping for a litter soon. Nutmeg (Eenie) is red eye recessive and Argente Golden (Sunny) is self colored...
  20. Chinchilla Discussion
    I've been planning on getting a chinchilla or two this summer when my living situation changes to a more suitable place for a chinchilla. I've done a good deal of research, read a few books, but still have a couple nagging questions that I've never found a decent (I know there are no definitive...
1-20 of 22 Results