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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    How big do dwarf get rats (both buck and doe) and has there been any notices of temperament change in general? Does anyone on this forum own a dwarf?
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hey there, this is a serious question but kinda gross so don't read if you're eating your tea! By my estimations Winston Shiny is about 10 weeks old. Which by my estimation makes him an adult mouse (correct me if I'm wrong!) He has always had two rather large furry lumps which I assume are...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Well one of the females decided she was staying after having her first litter, and what a beautiful litter it was! one most of the babies have found their forever home, this little lad has been placed but hasn't been able to go to his new home just yet, but since hes been here hes gone through a...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    This is my newest addition Murphy, hes a Russian blue dumbo rattie, and just lush, he comes from Show lines, though is not in the industry himself, hes a little shy and tends to run away, but hes fine once you get him out :)
1-4 of 4 Results