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  1. New Member Introductions
    I am a Christian teenage artist that finds her inspiration in God's creation, especially in his animals. I have been blessed to own 4 of my own that I love dearly (pics below). Bella is my schnauzer x poodle mix (75% poodle 25% schnauzer = schnoodlepoo) Tessa is my special APHA mare Hermes and...
  2. Bird Discussion
    My Baby Boy Banjo Coby Glitter Manny Piper And Baby Speckles
  3. Bird Discussion
    Outside enjoying the sun =]
  4. Bird Discussion
    In the grass enjoying the sun Little sneak
  5. Bird Discussion
    when I fist go her to now Had scaly face when I got her to now has no mites and her beak is weird looking anymore =]
  6. Bird Discussion
    I can't help it I love there coloring =] Manny
  7. Bird Discussion
    Banjo.Manny,Splish Banjo.Manny,Splish,****** Sparkles and Banjo Shiloh and Manny Cotton and Keke Elle and Coby A Baby The Boys The Girls
  8. Bird Discussion
    From A Bub To a Big Boy
  9. Bird Discussion
    Sky Blue Dom.Pied Cock Sky Blue Dom.Pied Hen
  10. Bird Discussion
    Light Green Grey wing Cock YF1 Sky blue Hen
  11. Bird Discussion
    Sky Blue Dom.Pied Cock Light Green Dom.Pied Hen
  12. Bird Discussion
    Sky Blue Dom.Pied Cock Green Opaline Hen
  13. New Member Introductions
    Im new to this forum I currently have 35 budgies 5 cockatiels 3 finches 2 lovebirds and 2 quails and hopefully in a year a puppy I breed budgies and currently have 5 active pairs each with an egg and a pair of cockatiels hopefully to lay soon well thats sums it up for now
  14. Bird Discussion
    me and my mother are planning on going out to a petco in town to purchase a lil budgie to bring home and spoil. I am very excited to bring one home, we had one I was little and always wanted to have another but we never got much chance to. I know my mom is wanting to a white one that has spots...
1-14 of 14 Results