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  1. Hedgehog Discussion
    Yesterday, I went and bought a brand new hedgepig from a girl, who seemed respectable, that went to school nearby. She seemed kind of fat (the hedgepig!) and not very well taken care of, but I felt she'd find a better home with me anyway, so I went ahead and bought her. I brought her home and...
  2. Prairie Dog Discussion
    Hi! So, I was playing with my PD tonight and noticed that there was a fluid filled bump near his genitals. (Oh, and I started looking up info and JUST found out that my Buttercup is actually a BOY and not a girl like we asked for at the pet store.. i love him anyway, but the poor little guy is...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    someone please help me, I have two female white mice who are about a year old and they have developed little red scratches or bumps on their tails. I have no idea what its from but they seem to be getting worse. They don't seem like they are in any pain and they are still running around and...
1-3 of 3 Results