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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    First time trying to put up pics let me know if it worked please. This is the cage i built for my rats connected to the one i bought when we only had two rats second pic is best shot of my new rats facial marks. Would like to know what kind of marking this is if any of you know
  2. Degu Discussion
    Hi there, We recently got four young male degus. They're in a large cage but are very keen to explore. We're looking to but a playpen for them with a metal roof but we're struggling to find one suitable. Has anyone in the UK been able to source a suitable supplier? I'm DIY Challenged so it...
  3. Degu Discussion
    I want to take out the levels that are in the cage that I have for my two girls and completely redo it any ideas on how? Im thinking maybe those wood peices that secure to the sides of the cage. I dont like the levels because they are wire mesh, so I cover them with some paperbags and cover it...
1-3 of 3 Results