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  1. Vet Recommendations
    Anyone in the Saskatchewan area looking for a good vet see Dale Cochrane in Melville. He works with all kinds including house pets and farm animals, wonderful with the animals and very patient
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Hello my friends, My question is this.. I may have a wonderful job offer in Ft. Mcmurry Alberta Canada. Does anyone know the ruls for bringing my domestic pet rats into Alberta Canada? I did a google search on this topic and I dont like the results so far. So does anyone have solid info? Are...
  3. Degu Discussion
    Hi, I've been posting for a while, with no luck. I'm still hoping to adopt a female degu, as a pal for my single degu Thelma. Please help me out! Thanks...:wavey:
  4. Degu Discussion
    I have 2 female degus for sale in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. They're about 1 year old. Must go together. Asking $80. Will include food, hay, dishes, shavings, exercise wheel, and bath dust.
  5. Degu Discussion
    Hello, My boyfriend and I just made a huge enclosure that's 120cm long x 60cm wide and 150cm tall, but we have no degus to put inside! We are looking for any breeders in North Vancouver/Vancouver area? We would like females, 2 or more (the cage is big enough for quite a few but we would rather...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hey there, I've been following this site since I've been looking into getting a new pet (A suggie!), and found a lot of the information REALLY helpful, so I figured... hey, what the heck? I should probably join so I can have MY questions answered. How're you guys?
  7. New Member Introductions
    Heey everyone! I'm Liya from Canada! I have two adorable kittys Max (7yrs) and Jojo (4yrs) I love them so much! New to my family are my two degus girlies Sadie and Izzy (5yrs) Although we're having troubles getting to know eachother I still love them with all my heart and am ready to devote...
  8. General Rodent Chat
    Does anyone happen to know where one might find wire rodent cages in the Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley, BC, Canada? I've found oodles of cages elsewhere, but would rather shop local and forego shipping, if possible. Bellingham, WA, is also local for me. Thanks! :)
  9. Sugar Glider Discussion
    Hello, everyone! I'm new to the forum, so I thought i'd say hi. I posted a HUGE introduction in the "New Introductions" section, but I figured that i'd post the "Sugar Glider parts" of my introduction over this way, as they're the reason I joined. :) I recently added two new additions to the...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everybody, it's my first time on this site so i'm learning how to use it... I came across this forum and decided to introduce myself :) Im Jennifer, i'm a 23 year old, married, stay at home mom of one.. and I absolutely adore animals - of any kind. As you can see in my signature, I...
  11. Other Exotics
    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so I am sorry if this is posted elsewhere, but I am looking for a reputable fennec fox breeder in Canada, preferably somewhere close to British Columbia. If anyone knows of one I would greatly appreciate any info. Thanks in advance
  12. Cats
    Hi there, does anyone know of any Scottish Fold breeders within Ontario? Preferably I'd like to get one around 2 months old..(if thats possible :X)
  13. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hello Everyone! I'm a new member on this site and am located in Ottawa, Ontario. I have two female chins a mother and daughter (bonded for life:sneakyhug) thier names are Encanto & Brilho! I would like to make this a thread for owners in Ontario and possibly surrounding areas where we...
  14. Rabbit Discussion
    Hello All. I have posted an important rabbit issue in the Animal Welfare, Legal Issues section. Please have a look and see how you can help...
  15. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Hi Everyone. I have something very important I would like to discuss - it is mainly to the Canadian Bunny lovers here on Paw-Talk but it is open to any and all bunny and animal lovers worldwide! My hubby and I are volunteers for Rabbit Rescue Inc. (, Canada's largest rabbit...
  16. General Animal Discussion
    Anyone in Canada interested in having their pets added into the Humane Society of Canada's Pet Recovery Team will want to visit their site By joining the Pet Recovery Team you'll receive a tag with for pets name and up to 3 phone number on one side, and on...
1-16 of 16 Results