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  1. Cats
    i have just acquired a newborn kitten. Mama cat abandoned the litter. The kitten i have is the only one left. I am not sure about her age. I have been feeding her with a bottle every 2-3 hours, keeping her warm in a crate with blankets and an electric blanket on low. she seems to be doing...
  2. Degu Discussion
    Hi all, again, it's been a while. As you might have guessed, I'm pregnant and was going to clean out my goo cage yesterday when my hubby stopped me and asked me to make sure it was okay. You know, you're not allowed to change cat litter boxes when you're pregnant (which I'm more than happy...
  3. Dogs
    I've been in several conversations that had to do with nutrition. I've noticed that ALOT of people have very different ideas about dog nutrition, I'm just wondering who feeds what?
  4. Dogs
    Is it true that wet dog food may have worms if we are not careful? My neighbor said that it was possible for worms to live in wet dog food and I am worried
  5. Cats
    Hey guys, I know I’ve been a bit MIA lately.. let’s just say things have been hectic. :sigh: I need to know if anyone has any experience with this condition in their cats. Gabby, my brother’s cat we rescued 4 years ago, is very sick right now and they don’t really know what’s wrong. :down...
  6. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    Hi, I found this for & hope it's useful to some of you who innocently buy these foods for your pets. and this for those of you that might want to make a change Natural and holistic food for dogs, cats and rabbits from Burns Pet Nutrition I'm sure there's...
  7. Cats
    Long post, bear with me: The kitties had their check up the other day. They are doing well; Goblin is a little over 9 lbs so her weight is okay. Sprout is as usual a problem child. She has abnormal kidneys, and is a little pudgy at 11 lbs. We've been keeping her on a diet, but because of...
  8. Cats
    I made this poll in the dog section and decided to make one here as well. :D How much money do you spend on your cat(s) in one month, NOT including vet bills? I spend about $60 a month on my two cats, China and Hyrum. Mostly on litter and food. Ocassionally I'll buy toys and treats, but I try...
  9. General Animal Discussion
    Ok, so with all the foods being recalled for dogs and cats, what in the heck am I supposed to feed my animals now? I mean, I'm still feeding Nutro because they seem fine on it. But will the symptoms be delayed? What do I do? :confused:
  10. Pet Product Reviews
    I found this list, in case anyone is interested. I can't verify the authenticity, or vouch for any of the foods listed. I did buy some blue buffalo the other day because there was a rep in the store and she said all their ingredients are holistic, human-grade, and come from the United States...
  11. The Water Cooler
    I need a list of all the recalled dog and cat foods for mom.She doesn't have a computer and wants a list handy.I looked,but cannot find any lists...all I find is the press release info.So could anyone help me?
  12. Cats
    THESE FOODS HAVE BEEN KILLING CATS AND DOGS. THEY HAVE BEEN CAUSING KIDNEY FAILURE Americas Choice, Preferred Pets Authority Best Choice Companion Compliments Demoulas Market Basket Fine Feline Cat, Shep Dog Food Lion Foodtown Giant Companion Good n Meaty Hannaford Hill Country Fare Hy-Vee Key...
  13. Dogs
    what's the best choice of dog food? i mean, like canned, dry, or table food, or home recipes? i noticed that my dog hasn't been eating much of her dog food. i actually had to spoon feed her!
  14. Cats
    my cat george is 7 monthes old and for the past few days hes been off his food. Some one said that it could be because hes losing his baby teeth but ive had a look in his mouth and they all seem to be there. At what age do they lose their teeth and would i notice?:rolleyes:
  15. Dogs
    When you have lots of dogs, you have to take lots of pics, right? LOL Well... Today I gave Odie a haircut, bath, and pawdicure... so I had to post pics of that... lol He's sooo mad at me for that... when my sister went to look at him after everything he actually ran and hid... lol here are his...
  16. Cats
    Ok...Charlie is spraying again. He does this everytime I have to lock him up for any period of time and he started doing it a few months ago when I had to keep him in my room after he cut his tail (needed meds, cone, etc.). I can't break the habit!! I don't know whether to yell at him, or if...
  17. Pet Health Concerns
    My 16 year old cat, Fuzzy, has been very lethargic and won't eat. I noticed the night before last that he was coughing up a hairball, but it was just yellow stomach-bile looking stuff. He has been sleeping all day/night, only getting up to use the litterbox and then go back to sleeping. He is...
  18. General Animal Discussion
    Title says it all. What are you getting your pets for christmas? :)
  19. Cats
    hello...i have a 8 week old kitten and she doesn't want to eat cat food still nurses her a bit but not much...i have tried softening the kitten food in water and she still doesn't eat it...i can't send her to her new home if shes not eating food yet...and also i need some help in...
  20. Dogs
    AAAAAGGGGHHHHH Elvis Lee is sick tonight, I'm up watching him breathe & shiver. :( My parents & Dawn's parents live in our neighborhood & they are all sooo in love with their little grand-puppy Elvis Lee. We have asked them Many times to not give EL any "people food" but if they do, just a...
1-20 of 92 Results