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  1. Forum News
    In total, we collected $175 for Carolina Wild Care!! Thank you all for being supportive of a wonderful organization which is dedicated to helping our wild life! And the winner is ... Fstybrat! Kay purchased a total of 20 tickets and Chris just pulled her name from the terra cotta pot full...
  2. Forum News
    Hi all! The charity we'll be donating all raffle proceeds to is Carolina Wild Care. It is a registered, tax exempt wildlife rehabilitation organization, run by Vicki Fisk out of her home in Charlotte, NC. Vicki is a federally licensed rehabilitator and takes in everything from birds to...
  3. Forum News
    Hi all! :wavey: We've talked about it for quite a while but I'm going to go ahead and get the ball rolling. Several have replied on the other thread offering to donate prizes for a raffle and I need a definitive list to get started. The prize can be almost anything, pet or human related...
1-3 of 3 Results