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  1. Cats
    I'm not sure if this is an emergency or not but I'm trying to get ahead of this. Quick information, I'm working on fixing up a place very far out in the sticks (hour drive to anywhere with more then five buildings), yesterday I found a rat had climbed into my truck and chewed through a bunch of...
  2. General Animal Discussion
    I was gifted two sister kittens by my mom and I’ve had the for about a year now. I recently had a baby in February and thought I could keep them but everything is getting expensive. I want to keep them together but don’t know how to go about giving them up. They have their shots but aren’t...
  3. Cats
    I don't know where to start I've never actually Did anything like this And what I mean is by I've never Posted on a forum so I really hope that I'm in the right place. So recently my cat Luna She gave birth to 4 beautiful baby kittens which is her 1st litter and her only litter this was about a...
  4. Cats
    Santa-Claus Kittens has more than 6 kitten breeds ready for adoption and to move to a new home. Widen your knowledge about kittens, how to care for them and what type of food is good for each age group of kittens.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, my nickname is Kippie and I joined this board because I'm excited to once again, after a couple of years of solitary life, adopt a new pet. I'm thinking of a beautiful small tortoise, or in an ideal world a cat that doesn't like to hunt much nor fight with other roaming housecats...
  6. New Member Introductions
    I am Marnia. I love animals. I just signed up this forum, I just want to say hi to all of the members here. so I just decided to join and participate in animal forums. Animals are much more than just pets or possessions; they are our friends, members of our family, our companions. So, I want to...
  7. General Animal Discussion
    Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, you can admit that cats are interesting creatures. But aside from that, there are some interesting things you probably didn't know about these lovely pets. And here are some of them , which will surely surprise you.
  8. New Member Introductions
    Im new here and wanted to say hi. I am normally on facebook but wanted to see what kinds of pet forums were out there. I found this one. I am the dog owner to a pug who will be 8, a mother to six kids ages 3 - 24 and a wife to a recently retired army soldier. We have our own business making...
  9. Cats
    Are cats trainable? Are they as smart as dogs?
  10. Cats
    Should cats be put in a kennel at night?
  11. Cats
    I tried to post a picture of my cats but I could not.
  12. Cats
    How long do cats live? I have two cat's that are 15 years old. I was just wandering how long cats can live?
  13. Cats
    My husband came home from work and left his lunch box on the kitchen counter. When we woke up the next morning and started cooking breakfast, our cat Tiny jumped out of the lunch box. What a surprise! Tiny is a large black and white feline. Somehow she squeezed herself into the lunch box. What...
  14. Cats
    Hi! I read an interesting article over the weekend about a new study that shows cats and their people develop their own unique communication. Sharon Crowell-Davis, a professor of veterinary behavior at the University of Georgia, and John Bradshaw, a University of Bristol anthrozoologist, talk...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Sky Foundation organizes a fundraiser to buy food and medicines for animals (160 dogs, 210 cats, 8 horses and a donkey) in its own shelter. Besides shelter animals, Sky Foundation also deals with stray animals from surrounding areas every day waiting on the roadside for us to feed them. It is...
  16. General Animal Discussion
    I have just made this website with the idea of photoshopping peoples pets into doing anything they want and wanted to see what you guys think of it. Any critiques or comments would be greatly appreciated! Here is a picture of my dog "Captain" Cody as an example of what I do with my work! The...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hello Pet lovers I am new here and I just wanted to introduce myself I am an animal lover and I have had a number of pets throughout my life. Most of them were cats. Some ran away, some passed away but others even gave birth to new kittens. I look forward to sharing my experiences and hearing...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody! My name is Sam, I write and do stand-up comedy. I have a one-eyed cat named Odin (super clever, I know...) I love most pets - cats, dogs, birds, fish. Not a big fan of lizards or spiders.... Looking forward to talking to all you peoples!
  19. The Water Cooler
    Hi all!!!! I'm an Los Angeles based casting assistant and we are looking for adoption stories!!!!! We are casting a commercial that will be re-creating your heartwarming journey of finding your new furry best friend. It's for a major car brand and it auditions on Friday, Oct 3rd. We are looking...
  20. Cats
    Check this out! Very cute.
1-20 of 128 Results