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  1. Guinea Pig Discussion
    One of my friends took in a guinea pig that his cousin didn't want anymore. I explained to him that GPs are social and do better in groups. Well now the poor thing is showing signs of being lonely. Heres the tricky part. 1) he is a male 2) He is from a petstore (no idea how old he is or his...
  2. Guinea Pig Discussion
    :teehee: Brothers - Ruben and Merlin. Ruben has just had an op to remove his fatty eye. The eldest, Misty. She's five. Emmy. Merlin again. :drool3: Isabel with her nanny, Misty Emmy's sister, Erin. Harley - who is Rico's cagemate. He is also Emmy and Erin's cousin. Tortoi-pig...
1-2 of 2 Results