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  1. Dogs
    What do you do when you are not home? Do you keep them together? If you separate them, do you have separate crates? What are the pros and cons of having two dogs? Just wondering... ;)
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    can anyone recomend a good recipie of rat food? i was wanting otgive my rats something mroe interesting to eat than their normal rat pellets...
  3. Cats
    What food do you use and reccomend? Currently we feed a mix of Eukanuba, Iams, and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul depending on which cat. We also feed daily canned food, usually Natures Recipe, Eukanuba, and Whiskas (I bought a couple cans of Innova today while out shopping for g.p. food...
  4. The Water Cooler
    Sorry ya'll.... I've been pretty absentee. I've had the flu for the past two weeks. I still feel bad, but way better than before. I even missed a week of work which is so NOT me. Now I have a dirty house to clean. Heaven forbid should the kids actually pitch in and do their share huh!
  5. Pet Product Reviews
    We have two indoor cats (strictly indoor) who used to do nothing but eat. If their bowl was empty they would cry until you filled it up again. We were feeding them Whiskas because it was something my dad grabbed at the grocery store and it was relatively cheap. Fortunately, once we recognized...
  6. Cats
    well, i noticed yesterday that charlie was getting in the litterbox in the "pee" position and staying there for like, 8 min without doing anything. it's like he was trying so hard to pee and couldn't. well, today i let him out in the house with us and i caught him peeing in the bathroom. he...
  7. Hedgehog Discussion
    I have a rather unique problem that I need some help with. Hedgehog food (as most animal foods on the market) contains corn meal. This corn meal has caused a real problem as this is my daughters hedgehog and she can't play with him since he rolls in his food and she is allergic to corn. She...
  8. Dogs
    I was wondering what everyone feeds their dogs and which is better---Innova or Wysong? I now can get either over here but I'm not sure which is better. A few months ago we started feeding Wellness but it's getting's expensive and it's an hour-long drive. The place with Innova and...
  9. Hedgehog Discussion
    uh oh, my freind asked me where i get my hedgie food And when i told him he said thats where he got his and when he went to go get more last night, the store had gone out of bussiness! :yikes: The only other place in town that sells hedgie food is petco, and It doesn't look very good. What kind...
  10. The Water Cooler
    Whooooooowee. I just took some and am very loopy. I can barely type right now. I took the green death flavor. Not tasty. But, my congested head is no longer congested. I'm not hacking up a lung, either. Ahhhhhhhhhh.....the joy of NyQuil. Night everyone! :sheep: :roflmao:
  11. Dogs
    Now i feed both my dogs Purina Healthy Morsels... they absolute love it.. this is the first food that Tatyana would empty her bowl with... even twice sometimes... and yes, it has corn in it, but meat as you happen to know of any food that is good for huskies? does it really make a...
  12. Dogs
    i've been reading through the posts and i see quite a few good brands of dog food. i was wondering if anyone knows anything about BLUE BUFFALO or BIL-JAC if they are any good?
  13. Hedgehog Discussion
    Okay, Marie talked me into it :lol: I'm getting a hedgie from her and so is Corine! Neither of us have ever had a hedgie before and we are both really excited. What we need to know is some basic ins and outs of hedgie ownership. What kind of cages do you all use or have made (including pics)...
  14. Hedgehog Discussion
    Hi Everyone!!!! I am new to the forum and I wanted to say Hi and tell you all that I really need your help!!!! I am looking to get a hedgehog in either Maryland or Delaware and cant find a single one!!!! Could somebody PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! I need to get one this wekk yet or I wont be...
  15. Cats
    We have 2 cats--7 months and 1 1/2 years. They eat together--What food do you recommend for both of them-----We're feeding them dry food (kitten food) Thanks---------
  16. Hedgehog Discussion
    Anyone know where to get a young hedgehog in either the Louisville area in KY or the St. Louis area in MO? Also curious about how much hedgies cost (excluding care, supplies....) at a breeder vs. pet shop.
  17. Hedgehog Discussion
    Thanks to this site we were able to sex the hedgies. We have two males. Ivory will need a new name LOL We are thinking either Cotton or ******
  18. Hedgehog Discussion
    My son might be getting a hedgehog this weekend and we have been going through alot of sites to find the best food and bedding for them, But we are getting conflicting information. Which bedding do you use? How about food? The lady said to use Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul Lite. She...
  19. Hedgehog Discussion
    And great news! We're adding a THIRD hedgehog to the family! :D His name is Spike and he belongs to my friend Ryan, but with school and work Ryan can't find the time to care for him anymore, so he is coming to live with my two. I am so excited to have him come here as he is one of the sweetest...
1-20 of 40 Results