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  1. Chinchilla Discussion
    ok i sleep right by my chin so if she gets scared or anything im right there and can take care of her but today it was a diff bark i got up like i always go do talk to her try and calm her and i give her a treat nothing changes but todayshe didnt take the treat, would not look at anything rly...
  2. Chinchilla Discussion
    im moving in about a week it going to be a car ride i will be going up hill down hill and in hot and cold places the trip will take about 8 hours i know to keep them cool and try not to make to much noise and not to drive crazy but im worried about her not taking it ok any tips on how to keep...
  3. Chinchilla Discussion
    Over 30 years with Chins. Small scale Breeder. I have about 30 of these odorless, sweet, curious loves. Feel free to ask your questions.
1-3 of 3 Results