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  1. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    I am looking for baby chipmunk breeder in USA or CANADA. Please let me know. I would like to buy chipmunks next early spring( Year 2022 ).
  2. Other Exotics
    Hello. I have one chipmunk for a year now. When I got it, it was very friendly with all of my family. Now, it is friendly only with me. Yeah, from time to time others can play with chipmunk too, but most of the time the animal bites them and my family is scared of it. Well, thats not a problem...
  3. Whatcha Got Cookin'?
    I had been away on vacation and wanted to give my two Siberian chipmunks a treat, so I made a Chipmunk Sandwich. It'll probably be nice for rats, mice, rabbits, any small rodents, especially squirrels. Ingredients: - 1 piece sliced bread - Raisins (If you want, replace with sliced grapes) -...
  4. Animal Welfare & Legal Issues
    I already know my own states laws, nothing for owning but a cheap license is required for selling bred chipmunks. Has anyone gotten a license in the US for breeding chipmunks? Or even any other animals that are similar/of a similar status in that state? I'd like to know the difficulty or how...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey Paw Talk Forum! I am a new member, Chypmunk. I have two male Siberian Chipmunks as pets, named Poet and Charlie. They were bought from a petstore and are semi-tame - They'll tolerate touching and picking up but not more than quick contact. I joined Paw Talk because I'm looking to buy two...
  6. Other Exotics
    I am looking for two Siberian Chipmunks - females only. Dilute heritage would be wonderful but not necessary. Most important to me is how tame they are! Handtamed babies, not breeder quality adults, please! Will drive to many states to pick up - try me. Located in New York, will drive as far...
1-6 of 7 Results