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  1. Dogs
    So we have been training Jasper (our coonhound) for a while now and it's not easy. We knew what we were getting him when we got him but the reality is far from expected. Most people have advised us to be consistent which is what we are doing. By the look of things, it appears that we are in...
  2. Dogs
    Hi guys. My dog's feet smell like corn chips, is this normal or should I be worried? Do I need to change his diet? He is a coonhound, is it a common issue with the bree? I just noticed this today and want to know if it's something I should be worried about. Thanks, Walter
  3. Dogs
    So I noticed something interesting today. When I play country music, Jasper tends to relax more and moves towards me and stays there. When I change the music, he gets slightly agitated and moves away from me. I found this to be very interesting.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Am Walter from Pocatello and am about to add a new dog ( a coonhound) to the family. With a new dog expected, I decided to join this forum to interact with my fellow pet lovers. Hope the experience will be enjoyable.
  5. Dogs
    I adopted a 2 yr old rescue dog (probably a treeing walker **** hound) two weeks ago. He'd been found, severely starved, six weeks before, by the side of the road. He's regained his weight and is a very sweet dog, very affectionate and attention seeking to people and kids. He's begun calming...
1-5 of 5 Results