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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Last night around 11:45 one of my mice sounded like it was wheezing. I picked her up and held her, i was trying to figure out what was wrong but since she doesn't like me too much she couldn't sit still long enough. i came out here to look at different type of things it could be and found some...
  2. Guinea Pig Discussion
    I just got the pigs new x-large cage built, took me forever to find a suitable floor. The cage is one level and is 27inches across by 57inches long.:D Anyway, to the problem. The bars that make up the cage came from an old shelving unit from a store and has a bar midway up the side which I...
  3. Dogs
    Have any of your dogs ever had problems with hair balls? Allie has been coughing on and off the last couple days, and i found a few bits of balled up nasty fur, so im guessing shes getting hair balls, I didn't know dogs got hair balls? Im sure its possible with her, she like to lick things...
1-3 of 3 Results