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  1. Dogs
    This is just a preference post. Which would you rather do and why? I have always crate trained with carriers. My dogs tend to prefer the security and because they are solid, I can put all of their stuff (leashes, paperwork, toys, other dog junk of theirs) on top of it.
  2. Dogs
    Dexter is our 12 weeks old Pek/Chihuahua mix little boy. He's a super adorable little fluff ball and is growing in leaps and bounds. Things have been very hetic lately with my parents both being ill, so we've had to go to their place 5 hours away where Dex was one of four little dogs (we also...
  3. Dogs
    Loki originally cried in the crate when we introduced it to him. One day we left the door open and Spyro bolted in the crate. Ever since then, Loki will go in by himself but not sleep by himself. Spyro never seemed to mind sharing but now he seems to want more of his OWN much...
  4. Dogs
    So my dearest boyfriend is allergic to dogs but absolutely LOVES them (hence why he brought home a puppy the other day.) Dogs are typically not allowed in bed with us EVER because of it. The puppy he picked wants to be in bed with us ALL OF THE TIME. great. So we tried putting up a gate...
1-4 of 4 Results