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  1. Chinchilla Discussion
    My chinchilla is crying when I touch his left side, he also is mildly limping and I am worried about him. He is still recovering from bumblefoot. Please help
  2. Vents and Rants
    :(so im offically depressed and needed to rant .im having to give up my babies all except the evil ferret . and even then i dont no. im moving back into my moms house because my mom is dying , and i have chosen to take responsability for her.:(this is the hardest thing i have had to do and im...
  3. Entertainment
    A collection of heartwrenching scenes from lots of movies---check it out! Warning to those who cry easily....:D
  4. Adults Only
    I'll just cut to the chase. I get jealous over the little stupid things. I am tried of it, if I see him sitting at a comp talking to another chick it makes me want to cry and I automatically think that "He thinks she's better than me, he thinks I'm fat" etc. etc. I just feel like going home and...