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  1. The Water Cooler
    Ok well as some might of seen i made little pixel hammies for people and also a few sigs :) so i thought i would start up my own little shop so here are the list of things i can do :) Pixel Pets : Cats Horses Fish Hamsters Birds Ducks Pigs Foxes Monkeys And if there is any other animals you...
  2. Cats
    I forgot that I had taken these pics. I came home from Christmas shopping to find that China had messed up all of the wrapping paper to make his own little bed, lol "Can you see me?" "What? This paper is mine!"
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello my Name's Jo, I love animals especially cats. I have 1 kitten called Lulu and four fish. I will be getting another kitten soon because of the loss we had of a kitten about a month ago. Lulu is about 8 months old now and we have had her for about 4 and a half months. Here's some...
  4. Cats
    This is Jasmine, and this is her FAVORITE place to be, in front of the fireplace. She has a ritual... First, she will sit in front of the fireplace and stare at it for at least 1/2 of an hour! Yep, she will just sit there, just like she is in a trance or something - 1/2 hr. or longer... and...
  5. Cats
    I was sitting in the computer room and i could hear old Scooby whining, i knew he had something bailed up. So out i go to check and yep, he's got a kitten bailed up, poor little thing. So i pickit up and take it out into the front yard and let it go. It proceeded to howl at my front door for the...
  6. General Animal Discussion
    Hi im new here and still learning how to use the forum... i wasnt sure were to post this so I posted it here.... My name is Izzie and at the moment im owned my 7 Pets: Dog- Bonnie: Female Black & White Border Collie, Pitt bull, Pointer mix 12+ yrs old Bird- Petra: Male Pied Cockateil 3 yrs...
  7. Cats
    My Mickey-Kitty is 14 years old, a couch potato, and HUGE! I think I'll leave her alone. She's too old to diet. She is a happy Kitty. :D
  8. General Animal Discussion
    I have 13 furbabies, 6 dogs & & cats. Each one is deeply loved. I love taking photos of them. I have two grown sons,who are married. 1 son has 3 sons 6,3 and new 2wk old.1 adopted pound puppy who is 6 Jasime.2 kitties. The other son has a very active 4yr old son, 3...
  9. Cats
    I found a stay today, it looks like a female, I will not disturb her too much tonight as I was cutting some sticky buds from her tail but she is very dirty and very hungry. I seen her just today and she was nervous but I fed her outside as I was on the way out, then she came back so I knew she...
  10. Cats
    I rescued a 1 1/2 week old baby kitten from the chickens on my aunts farm and I decided to post pics
  11. Cats
    :giggle: The cats have their food, no fussing and is picture of ALL my cats eating (thanx to Lisa for them). Funny thing is they were in order two of the Milage Tab's on top (Kitana & Kilala), then two spotted tabby's and a white in the middle (Apples, Asia and Valentino)...
  12. The Water Cooler
    Entries can be viewed here: The voting will end February 28th. :)
  13. Cats
    This is a picture of Shannon's cat, Fuzzy. Of course, she named her. She just strolled into our yard last summer and has been here ever since. With my allergies, we were never going to have a cat, but unfortunately cute little begging 5 year olds and husbands have to win sometimes. She's a...
  14. The Water Cooler Post your comments here! :)
  15. New Member Introductions
    new here from pakistan :wave: my name is Samia and this is my cutie pie named Miss.Cat here she is:
  16. Cats
    I took some pics of our boys this afternoon and thought I share them with all of you. Me and my baby, Yazi. If that face doesn't scream bliss I don't know what does. He just loves having his pictures taken, then again, he revels in any attention he can get! Sadly this is the best photo I...
  17. Cats
    I was laying on the couch watching tv since i didn't have much energy. Button decided that she was tired and wanted to lay on the couch with me. she started in this postion Then ended up streched out so that we were belly to belly. As she was oaying against my belly I could feel the wee one...
  18. Cats
    Here's some more pics of my cute cat! :D He started doing this recently. :lol: I call this his Splat!! pose. And here he is being funny while sleeping. PUSH, CHAR! PUSH! Hope you liked them. :lovies:
  19. Cats
    Just wanted to post,my mom and youngest sister,Sandra just got a new kitten.They lost their cat last year and decided to finally get a new one.They got him yesterday.I went with them and altho I am not a cat person,really liked a little orange male.If I were to get a cat,I would want him!This...
  20. Cats
    This is Bailey my youngest kittie..he is typing on msn to me.. fiance (along with Bailey, Lucy and Devun) live in British Columbia..while I am at school in Alberta (Canada) so my fiance and I talk on msn a lot!! if you look close Bailey is just typing a bunch of K's but i thought it...
1-20 of 67 Results