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  1. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Okay i have Rats, and guinea pigs. But im interested in adopting some hamsters. Are they good pets?
  2. Hooved Animal Discussion
    We are raising a few goats. Boy are they entertaining! And the babies are so cute. People drive by our place very slowly and even stop sometimes to enjoy their cuteness.
  3. Bird Discussion
    Please give me your estimate on how old my cockatiel is. Here is a discription of him - yellow face -grayish pink legs -grayish pink nostrils -orange dots ( ears) :lol: -yellow crest -very vocal -eats alot -gray beak -brown eyes Thank you!
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My camera was stolen, so I can't post any pictures of them, but Rue has two new sisters! I'm not putting them together until Rue recovers from his infection and gets neutered, but I'll probably introduce them in the bathtub or somewhere where I can watch them and make sure Rue doesn't try...
  5. Dogs
    I have a Westie terrier, and he does this thing where he gathers up the blankets, and he'll like place his mouth around the blanket bundle, and idk if he sucks on the blanket, or if he just chews on it. If you have a Westie does he do this? I'm just curious.
  6. Mouse & Rat Discussion
  7. Hooved Animal Discussion
    I'm concerned about tea cup pigs. They are extremely cute and extremely small. I wonder if that those qualities effect the current projection of pig evolution.
  8. Lizards
    XD shes been at this for about 15 minutes when i took this, kept going for another 5 after. XD its a video btw.
  9. Rabbit Discussion
    In the week that I've had Linus so far, I have learned one very important thing: Rabbits are like children -- they'll much more happily take the box over whatever came in it. :rolleyes:
  10. Snakes
    this is a snake i just caught. i want to know what kind it is :) i live in texas in the dfw area my mother thought it might be a garter snake
  11. Snakes
    He/she is 16 inches i just got it today :)
  12. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    my rats are so cute:D theyre massively antsy all the time though so i think i should let them out more; but i'm worried about rat 'stuff' being everywhere, especially if i let him hang out in my bed. soo should i be? and are they antsy bc they need out?
  13. Rabbit Discussion
    Buck Tsunami. Does- Daisy, Cricket, Pearl & Stella. All of them are Lionhead rabbits, except Cricket, she is a Holland Lop. They are 3-8months old. Stella. Daisy. Cricket. Tsunami. Pearl.
  14. Dogs
    This is Halo before i got my fraggle i had taken home this pup(wasnt really my decision although i wont deny hes one of the cutest things id ever seen)but for diff reasons i was looking for specific things, well my mother begged me to bring home from the shelter for a 7day test trial they give...
  15. Animals in Need
    My oldest rat, Zen is CUTE yet temperamental/competitive/super-dominant/independent a.k.a. when she's not snuggling with her 2 other cagemates, she's picking on them. Zen was my first rat & she's from a pet store so I'm obviously figuring out that her independent personality/competitive nature...
  16. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    First off i want to start by saying, My cats have actually grown affectionate toward my rats. Link, my fifteen+ pound cat will lay down for hours watching them scurry around purring as they get close, the other day, my boyfriend was playing with the rats and Mario, our dominant male was out of...
  17. Cats
    So, some updated (and sickeningly sweet) photo updates of Skooma (black kitty) and Moon Sugar (tabby)! Skooma enjoying the heater. Sugar bein' a stretchy cat. I was going to get an adorable picture of Sugar sleeping in a cardboard box but she ruined it by meowing RIGHT when the shutter...
  18. Degu Discussion
    Two gorgeous,friendly, playful little degu boys for sale including large cage and ALL accessories(waterbottle,feeding bowling,hamock,swing..ect)Contact 07886272839 or 01254 611237 if interested :) you won't regret it :) for 75£, north west england x
1-20 of 61 Results