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  1. Chinchilla Discussion
    My 10 year old chinchilla Marlo has started doing something ive never seen him do before. a few times a week he will go to the bottom level of the cage and start digging. he digs everything under him, and pushes it away with his back feet, over and over and over. eventually theres nothing that...
  2. Rabbit Discussion
    So I have some pretty random questions about bunnies in general. 1. Hamm came with two rubbermaid containers of stuff. Because most of the stuff was pointless I managed to move it down to one rubbermaid. I was wondering if I could turn the rubbermaid into a digging box by putting two holes in...
  3. Degu Discussion
    hello sorry i haven't been on for a while not been able to got on. Any way let me get to my problem. as u may no i have 2 degus skinny & fatty and for my birthday(17 of September) i got them a 3 Tier rat, chinchilla or ferret cage (ill put a link in). Fatty has started digging kicking all the...
  4. Rabbit Discussion
    Has anyone tried using rice in a digging box for rabbits? I've seen some instructions on how to build a digging box for ferrets using plastic tubs and plain white rice, but I'm not sure if it would be safe for the rabbits in case they eat some. Any ideas or experiences on that? The other...
  5. Dogs
    Hello - A year ago I suspected my JR terrier (Sassy) had ear mites, and treated her over the counter for them. After a few days, the "infestation" did not alleviate so i took her to a vet. I was told it was an ear infection not unlike a common yeast infection like thrush. We were prescribed...
  6. Rabbit Discussion
    I let Frodo out on the grass hopeing to spend some time with him and give him some treats, but all he is concerned about is digging! It almost looks like he eats the dirt! Same thing with the carpet inside :X Any suggestions on how to help stop this problem?
1-6 of 6 Results