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  1. Dogs
    Treat him/her as you would hope someone treated you if you were only able to communicate using non-verbal cues.. Consider surroundings/situations, speak to him/her as you would any human (may sound crazy to some people, BUT in my opinion, if you arent speaking to them verbally (regardless if...
  2. Rescues
    How to get our male chihuahua to get along with a 1 year male? we have 2 chihuahuas brother and sister 3 years old my mom found this app. 1 year old male puppy and brought hime home cuz he was abandonded the male chihuahua always growls and barks at him and that gets the female when given the...
  3. Dogs
    I'm going to try to make this as short and painless as possible, so please bear with me :) We got Kusa almost a year ago, and she is a total sweetheart! Early on she started getting very protective of my family and we thought that was fine. She barks when people come to the door sometimes, but...
1-3 of 4 Results