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  1. Dogs
    Kodiak's first time pulling. He really surprised me, he is a such a natural. This is his 2nd time in a harness (I don't have one for him, gotta get one) and first time out. So I will begin training him and conditioning him for it. If he will start when it's time to pull I think he will do very...
  2. Dogs
    CNBC will be premiering “American Originals: Westminster Dog Show” on Thursdayat 9p ET/ 10p PT. Take a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of the prestigious show and the $43 billion pet industry that helps fuel its success. Join Trish Regan as she explores how man’s best friend can...
  3. Dogs
    ‘Agathon Kennel Club will be hosting two November Dog Shows’ Calling all dog fanciers!!! Want to see over 100 breeds of dogs at one location? Then join us for the Agathon Kennel Club's Saturday, November 22nd, and Sunday, November 23rd, all breed dog shows. Location...
1-3 of 3 Results