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  1. Introductions
    Dog Obesity: Large dogs vs small dog breeds Looking to know everyone's thoughts on this title.
  2. Introductions
    Hy there. I am new here. I am pet blogger and writer. i love to write on pets and i love pets. Hope this community is best for discussions. :|:wink3:
  3. Dogs
    Hi there! If you love large Shepherd Dogs like Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharka, Akbash, Kangal and similarly, there is a good resource for you: Apart from it, here is a free e-book in PDF format about Caucasian Ovcharka...
  4. Dogs
    Have you tried doing this? I found this photo somewhere and I got interested. I just wonder if the paint used is safe for the dog but I'd like to try this!:heart: Photo not mine!
  5. Dogs
    I'd like to share this wonderful experience to everyone. I have an adopted dog (abandoned) and she had problems with her legs. I don't know the cause, but she had difficulties in walking especially when she sit or lay down for a long time. I googled everything I need to know and asked any help I...
  6. Introductions
    hello.. I'm New here.. I'm love pet.., like dog and cat:D
  7. Dogs
    To the moderate, i'm truly sorry if this is not allowed, but i'm trying to reach a wide range fo audience and i completely understand if this is removed. i'm currently on my final year of a BSc honors degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and have to undertake a dissertation. My dissertation is...
  8. Introductions
    Hi Guys! I have one dog and a cat and I'm happy to be here in the Forum. Thank you!
  9. General Animal Discussion
    What kind of dog makes a good watch dog and also gets along with cats?
  10. Introductions
    Hey everyone! My name is Dom and I am happy to meet all of you. I have just made this website with the idea of photoshopping peoples pets into doing anything they want and wanted to see what you guys think of it. Any critiques or comments would be greatly appreciated! Here is a picture of my...
  11. Introductions
    I've had small critters as pets for most of my life. I started with mice at age 12. I've had gerbils, hamsters, and rats throughout my teens. I got a flying squirrel named Scalisti (hence my user name) when I was 18, and he passed away when he was 14 (I was 31 and very sad). Throughout my 20's...
  12. Dogs
    I love beagles, their eyes are too cute. They don't grow long fur so it isnt be a hustle to groom them or shave. And they are generally less aggressive and smaller than other dogs. I'm finding it hard to get one. What species do you think would be the closest approximation?
  13. Dogs
    The US Secret Service has been tasked with the vital duty of protecting the US President, his immediate family and the White House. But, lately, we’ve been reading news about the White House perimeters being pursued and infiltrated by curious and militant fence jumpers in an attempt to have a...
  14. Dogs
    Their powerful sense of smell. One of the dog’s natural trait is its astounding sense of smell. In fact, a dog’s sense of smell is 100 times accurate and stronger than any human. Thus, there is a particular classification of working dogs whose noses and their keen sense of smell have been...
  15. Dogs
    Chubby was not just a dog. To Maria, a 23 year old photographer in Cleveland, Chubby was more than half of her life. But some things does not really last forever. Even life itself. For Maria it was a difficult decision to make. Over the years, Chubby has gone ill and her health deteriorated due...
  16. Dogs
    Yoga + Dog = Doga Doga is a form of yoga that allow you to practice yoga with your dog doing acts of meditation, gentle massage and relaxing stretches. The activity has proven significant benefits both on people and with their canine pets. Below are the list of some of its beneficial values...
  17. Introductions
    Hello, I am a very proud owner of a cat,dog,bird,two degus and two guinea pigs. Our dog is 3 years old, his name is shadow. Cat: Simba-3months Bird:Chilly-2 years Degus: Cinnamon & Basil- 4months Guinea pigs: Porky and Momma- 1 year(no pic) Heres some pics.:D:rolleyes::)
  18. Dogs
    Mom got infected for her dedication to care for the sick. Teresa Romero Ramos, 44 a nurse from Spain was the first person who was diagnosed with the deadly Ebola virus outside West Africa. She got the virus from the Spanish missionaries Manuel Garcia Viejo and Miguel Pajares, both came from...
  19. Dogs
    An amazing battle with death. The dog came to the shelter last August 19, with cut and bloody after his owner dropped him off after surviving a car accident as told by Capt. Bobby Blankenship, the city shelter supervisor . Even the Vet wonders how did he survived the accident. The shelter tried...
  20. Dogs
    The heat is on! And people are exploring ways to cool and somehow reduce the heat around. Most will head off to the beach to cool down, others would strip off into less clothes and body coverings and enjoyed showing off their skin for a tone. While some enjoy trimming off hair on their heads...