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  1. Dogs
    We decided to foster Foxy until she gets adopted(unless things don't work out with the kitties) but they don't really know what kind of breed she is. She is a pretty small girl under 20 pounds. To me it looks like she could have som whippet in her.
  2. Dogs
    Ok, so a couple days ago we took my dog in for a hair cut... This is only the 2nd time we have gone to this place, and it is at a vet clinic. The last time we went there, they did a good job... But when we got Chuey back this time, his eyes were all bloodshot! He hates having baths, so we...
  3. Dogs
    So me and my fiance andrew have another friends(they are a couple) that want me to find a dog for them. At first they asked if we wanted to give up either winston or harley which i had to politely say no those boys are my babies(though my oldest brother has tried to get us to give him, his wife...
1-3 of 3 Results