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  1. Dogs
    Hi All! Indeed, Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd both are one of the finest dogs that both police and intelligence services are using, but my question is specifically regarding family protection. Yes, I am willing to adopt a well-trained dog but confused between these two options. In this...
  2. General Animal Discussion
    Hi, Hope you are all doing well. Last day I have just seen two dog get stuck together, and searched on internet about why the dog get stuck? I have just found some of the quality contents, But still I am little confused. Can you please clear why it's actually happens. Are the dogs always get...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I am Marnia. I love animals. I just signed up this forum, I just want to say hi to all of the members here. so I just decided to join and participate in animal forums. Animals are much more than just pets or possessions; they are our friends, members of our family, our companions. So, I want to...
  4. New Member Introductions
    First, thank you for having me here. My name is mike i have a 4yr old datshun/rotweiler and aall black 14yr old cat cookie. i LOVE MY PETS WITH ALL MY HEART and glad to be part of this group
  5. New Member Introductions
    I am a Christian teenage artist that finds her inspiration in God's creation, especially in his animals. I have been blessed to own 4 of my own that I love dearly (pics below). Bella is my schnauzer x poodle mix (75% poodle 25% schnauzer = schnoodlepoo) Tessa is my special APHA mare Hermes and...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi !! I am Thomas and I like cat and dogs.
  7. Dogs
    Recently, my dog lost her appetite. She had survived distemper but that was like 6 months ago. It was really a headache during meal time because she hardly eat a piece of her meal. Before she had distemper, she has a really low appetite in eating. And then after she had survived it, it just...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Im new here and wanted to say hi. I am normally on facebook but wanted to see what kinds of pet forums were out there. I found this one. I am the dog owner to a pug who will be 8, a mother to six kids ages 3 - 24 and a wife to a recently retired army soldier. We have our own business making...
  9. Cats
    Are cats trainable? Are they as smart as dogs?
  10. New Member Introductions
    Sky Foundation organizes a fundraiser to buy food and medicines for animals (160 dogs, 210 cats, 8 horses and a donkey) in its own shelter. Besides shelter animals, Sky Foundation also deals with stray animals from surrounding areas every day waiting on the roadside for us to feed them. It is...
  11. General Animal Discussion
    I have just made this website with the idea of photoshopping peoples pets into doing anything they want and wanted to see what you guys think of it. Any critiques or comments would be greatly appreciated! Here is a picture of my dog "Captain" Cody as an example of what I do with my work! The...
  12. Dogs
    GOD was very Gracious, when He said, deliver them from going down to the pit (eternal ****), I have found a ransom. That ransom was Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ said that I will give eternal life to anyone who believes on me. Awesome! ANYONE!!!!
  13. Dogs
    Hi! I adopted a two-year-old shihtzu mix two week ago, and we're having some big potty issues with her. First, she won't pee unless she's completely alone, making it impossible to reward her when she does her business where she should. I have the feeling she was probably treated poorly when...
  14. Dogs
    There have been numerous posts regarding turmeric for dogs. Does any one here give their dog turmeric? I have started my dog on turmeric and I see results already regarding his arthritis pain. Here is a great resource, if you interested in turmeric treatment for your dogs...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody! My name is Sam, I write and do stand-up comedy. I have a one-eyed cat named Odin (super clever, I know...) I love most pets - cats, dogs, birds, fish. Not a big fan of lizards or spiders.... Looking forward to talking to all you peoples!
  16. The Water Cooler
    Hi all!!!! I'm an Los Angeles based casting assistant and we are looking for adoption stories!!!!! We are casting a commercial that will be re-creating your heartwarming journey of finding your new furry best friend. It's for a major car brand and it auditions on Friday, Oct 3rd. We are looking...
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Carli. I'm the mom to two awesome rescue dogs and spend most of my free time training and playing with the two of them. They totally run my house but I wouldn't have it any other way :)
  18. Hi

    New Member Introductions
    So happy to find such a great site with so much information. I am the proud mom of 3 poodles, 2 mini's and one teacup. Ages 14 8 and 1. I grew up in a house full of poodles and my mom is still an obedience trainer at the young age of 75, my dad was a groomer. I love my dogs and have found...
  19. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone my name is Kathy H and I am pleased to be here. I Joined because I have a dog and a cat myself and am very animal oriented.
  20. Dogs
    After our first cat passed away at the age of 15 years we decided to immortalize his paw print with an endearing message in fine silver so that we could carry the paw that touched our lives, close to our heart. We decided after many requests from fellow animal lovers to produce a product that...
1-20 of 139 Results