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  1. General Animal Discussion
    Hello! My name is Amy, and I am trying to raise money to save my friend Rebecca and in turn save the animals she cares for on a daily basis. Rebecca is a single mom, raising two children on one income. She works 6 days a week and still struggles. After her battle with cancer, funds have just not...
  2. Animals in Need
    Hey all, Our beloved Max tore his ACL's... We were looking for anyone that might have it within their heart to chip in a couple bucks or share his page on their facebook page. The cost of both leg's is almost 5k. We came up with 3k and are looking to raise the final 2k through crowd...
  3. Rescues
    Most of the people that are going to read this probably already know about the voting competition Care2 is putting on for rescues and shelters. For those who do not know the winner will recieve a much needed 10,000.00 to help our four legged friends. To cast a vote the only thing that needs to...
1-3 of 3 Results