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  1. Hooved Animal Discussion
    I have a 3yo unproven miniature horse stud, and just purchased a mini jenny donkey. I'm planning on breeding them for a miniature hinny. However, I've been around horses foaling, but never a donkey. I've heard that jenny donkeys are hard to impregnate using a horse stud, is this true? I'm...
  2. Hooved Animal Discussion
    I have two miniature donkeys that are so cute. But they do get into trouble all the time. They love to pick up buckets and carry them all over the place.
  3. Other Pets
    I don't know if you call donkeys a pet, but they are to me. They don't do anything but eat, play and drive me nuts. But they are so cute. And lots of fun.
1-3 of 3 Results