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  1. Cats
    Every morning our cat waits at the door to be let in for breakfast, but yesterday he was not there, we were worried, after lunchtime he returned but looked weary, spent he day not eating and drinking very little, we kept him in but today no change, we are taking him to the vets tomorrow as its...
  2. Degu Discussion
    Hi everyone, A few days ago, I adopted two 2 year old degu males. One is very active, is eating and drinking. The other, however, is much heavier, far more reluctant to run in the wheel, eats and chews on wood but I have yet to see him drink ANY water. I have tried a bottle, and a container, tap...
  3. Cats
    so i got a new kitten and my first question is how do i introduce him to my dog? Second is i give him half a plate of wet food it is "IAMS Kitten Foood" i give him half that and he eats a little bit then he runs over and watches the guinea pigs.He ate all the half at my aunts house where he...
1-3 of 3 Results