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  1. Chinchilla Discussion
    just because i heard some of my PT'ers might need a lil andy luv ;) hehe! he's enjoying some bark.
  2. Degu Discussion
    Ok, ive already tried to write this once and the forum ate my let me try again. When my boyfriend and I moved into the apartment we are in now. we were told we could have a small rodent in a secure cage or fish, but no cats or dogs as they were noisy and their married son lives with...
  3. Degu Discussion
    hi there one of my baby degus seems to have a bit of a runny nose it had cleared up after a few hours they both sneeze occasionally nothing that would make me worry though, his breathing is a little snuffly but not wheezey, but this was only after he had been playing with the others and getting...
  4. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hi, my name is Sandi, I am 15, and I have 3 very sweet chinchillas that I need to find new homes for :( I love them sooooo much but my parents told me that we are moving into a new house soon and I have to adopt them out to someone. I live in Greenville, SC and it would be best if I could find...
  5. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hey there. I'm Brianna. My family has four chin chinchillas: Poppet, Posie, Pixie and Peaches. Our littlest one, Pixie (a black velvet named for her tiny-ness), is the reason for this post. We got her from someone who received her from someone else, so we do not know her exact age. They said 6...
  6. Chinchilla Discussion
    my chin has a few cuts on 1 of his feet and has got some of his bath dust in the wound, should i panick or just let it heal on its own. thanks Marley x
  7. Chinchilla Discussion
    But I promised pictures so here they are. :D Remember itty bitty Hazelnut? She's all grown up, now! She wasn't cooperating today, though ... "Maybe if I close my eyes you won't see me." (Don't mind the stained shelf here. They continue to pee on that same spot and I cannot get it clean...
  8. Chinchilla Discussion
    Here is his first debut as a actor :lol: well..he's not really acting cuz he loves his dust baths so here it is! :) ENJOY! :D lemme know if you think he's totally adorable, b/c i sure do :approve:
  9. Degu Discussion
    Hello, I have two degus, Diego and Penelope. They were bought as a "class pet" for my chemistry class, but I have 90% claim over them. ^_^ When I got Penelope she was pregnant with what I am assuming was her first...litter? (Is that what they're called for degus?) Anyway, about a month in she...
  10. Degu Discussion
    I was searching for some chin. Dust bath and found that there are SO many kinds! I was wondering what your opinion was on dust baths. Also, what do you put your dust bath in? I really don't want to buy one of those expensive plastic bath houses, it will probably get chewed up in no time. I was...
  11. Chinchilla Discussion
    I'm rather new to owning chinchillas and the one male that i have somehow got a cump in his fur on his belly.. hes very jumpy .. any tips oh how i can get it out?:confused:
  12. Degu Discussion
    I had to move my family of degus today to their nice new 3 level cage... so my babys (and thier parents) emerged for some pictures. There are 7 baby degus and the 2 parents. Hope you enjoy :D Mommy Degu Daddy Degu And the babies..
  13. General Rodent Chat
    What do you think is the best pet rodent and why? A list of pro's and con's would be very helpful! Dannikins x
  14. Degu Discussion
    Hi Everyone, My recent 3 foster degus have been adopted, and so I have my 55G tank available, it can be converted into a split tank and I am wanting to do some degu introductions in it, as SARSBC has an overwhelming number of rescued degus, many of them singles. My thought is to pair up as many...
  15. Chinchilla Discussion
    As the title says, Andy has begun this horrible thing of fur chewing, a while back he chewed/loss the hair on one of his arms but that was it. Now yesterday i noticed he has chewed fur on both of his hips!:confused: what the heck is he doing this for!??!?! He fits NONE of the symptoms that i've...
  16. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    I went and got my new hamster today! He's adorable! I think he's golden banded, but he could be dominant spot, I'm just guessing. He's a total sweetheart, totally mellow and everything! The woman who I got him from was moving and just wanted to cut down on her pets. His name was Alloy, but I'd...
  17. Degu Discussion
    I took some pictures of Hikaru before. Her fur has almost completely grown back where they shaved her :). I am looking into getting her a buddy, too. I wanted to get pictures of her during playtime but she's been way too hyper lately. Last night she decided to jump on top of my saltwater tank...
  18. Chinchilla Discussion
    :confused: So Hailey (my 2.6 yr old chinny) has this huge problem with me lately. As in she hates me. My chinchillas have their own room filled with wood and boxes to play in and they both love the dust bath box. (just a box with their dust bath in it) but, when I come into the room to see...
  19. The Water Cooler
    So my boyfriend and I decided to go to petsmart today. I wanted to get some things for the rats and mice. Well the first place he headed was to look at the rats. I of course layed down on my side to look because they were in the bottom tank. This lady walked by and said, do you like rats...
  20. Chinchilla Discussion
    I am planning on buying a Chinchilla in a few weeks, and I want to know if they are easy or mildly easy to take care of. Are they ever mean? How much do they cost you per month for supplies? So, uhhh... Ya, thanks.
1-20 of 102 Results