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  1. General Animal Discussion
    Our dog has grown up, but his stomach is not very good. Does eating bananas easily lead to bellyache ?
  2. General Animal Discussion
    Help! Our two Lahso mix dogs both eat their stools outside. We have tried different things to resolve this including a commercial product that was given them in their food for almost 6 weeks. Still no changes...still eating stools. We would sure appreciate hearing from anyone out there who...
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    I have problem here... my Rabbit he was 9 months old if im not mistaken... recently he wont eat and drink.. but he is actively jumping and running around in his cage without any signs of sickness.. Im worried... so i use syringe and put water to his mouth... he took it tho but still if i leave...
  4. Lizards
    I got a bearded dragon about a month ago, and he was about 3 weeks old then, so now he's about 7 weeks. When we first got him he was very active and jumped around the cage, playful, and ate a LOT. Now he's very lazy, not playful at all, and eats NOTHING. He's still a hatchling and I bathe him...
  5. Degu Discussion
    Hi everyone, my 11 month old degu boys Wolf and Juno love their food (Degu Nature by Versele Laga) and their favourite special treat is plain oats (I don't feed them this often though, although no sugar or anything added, 0.5 grams of natural sugar per half cup) What are some treats to try...
  6. Dogs
    So, the other day our family dog (Choctaw) ate a little less then a quarter of the collar of my mothers coat. Will she poop it out? she is a chocolate lab (about 70-85 pounds). So, Please answer back ASAP!
  7. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Post pics! What is your favorite treat to feed your hamster/gerbil? Just curious what everyone feeds there little guys as a special treat? Mine would have to be cucumber slices or a raw baby carrot. If you guys have pictures of them eating it, please post, I always find it so cute:) :tonguerol
  8. Sugar Glider Discussion
    I just joined TWO seconds ago, mainly because I'd love advice from fellow suggie owners (or just people that are knowledgeable), instead of hunting for information on the internet (which I've already done). I just got my cutie today, Gizmo (he's 8 weeks old), and he'd a handful already but I'm...
  9. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My pregnant mouse just had 13 babies, and she ate two of them. She started to eat another, so i separated her for now. I'm scared she's going to keep eating them. Help! What should I do?!
  10. Chinchilla Discussion
    I feed my chinchillas special chinch food and there are little pellets in the bowl (along with all the other treats) that look like rabbit food alfalfa pellets. i've fed rabbits just the pellets for their entire life and it was sooo much cheaper. can i feed my chinchillas just just the rabbit...
1-10 of 10 Results