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  1. The Water Cooler
    I have noticed that some of our friends here on PT have been missing for a Nara and CandyRaver, Petpredicaments, Jewels... among others. . Anyone hear from them or know if they are okay?? :question: I hope they are alright
  2. The Water Cooler
    Here is the Cactus. :) I hope this helps.
  3. The Water Cooler
    Thought I would go ahead and start this thread for this year. :) Thank you, Christine! Yours is the first one I've received. :D
  4. Vents and Rants
    Gah...verrrry frustrated.I went down this morning to apply for a Christmas food hamper. I don't have a job,so this helps me out...cept I don't eat half the stuff in it,but my daughter and boyfriend does...I never had a problem applying...however today they refused to let me have one because I...
  5. Dogs
    My dog is about 8 to 10 months old now and she is starting to bite when she gets excited. she is a lab/weimer mix. is there any suggestions on how to fic this problem?
  6. The Water Cooler
    Do you like for a man to open doors, walk on the outside of the street, open car doors, etc?
  7. Dogs
    Hi I just want to give a quick intro... I belong to other forums (I have a koi pond, and a blue and gold macaw, a black capped conure, and a peach faced and blue masked lovie) But this is my first doggy forum...because well...I just recently became a new puppy mommy! lol And I know...what's the...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Whats up guys and gals! i have been members on many car forums but im just getting started in different animal forums (thank god!) well just wanted to say hello.. my zoo and i are glad to be here. my zoo.. 2 horses 2 cats 1 dog 1 snake 1 gerbil and a fw tank. :rolleyes:
  9. Pet Product Reviews
    Christmas is coming !!!!! I just read a tread about the worlds best toy & had to add my .02 Personally, I highly recommend the OBALL. This is by far Elvis Lee's favorite toy. He has several & never tires of playing with it. I think cats & kids would love it too.
  10. Dogs
    I posted a week or so ago that Ein's allergies have been acting up really bad, despite the fact that he is on benadryl. The vet gave us some temaril p to reduce the itching, but his front legs are covered in scabs and small thin patches of fur that he chewed out. Even with the temaril p, he is...
  11. New Member Introductions
    My name's Carol, and I recently started working at the local pet store. I absolutely adore it, except for the idiots who don't know what they're doing. ^_^ Oh well, fortunately most of the customers genuinely care about their pets. I live in western Canada, and my zoo consists of four cats...
  12. Dogs
    :dancing: Here are some pics of his little party. My mom made him a cute card. click to enlarge
  13. PT Support Group
    I was reading some of the posts in this forum and thought I'd offer advice for training and weight loss if anyone was interested. I was a certified personal trainer for a number of years and have a fair amount of knowledge and experience with losing weight, gaining muscle, and cardiovascular...
  14. Dogs
    Okay, personally, I think we've had more than enough vet bills for one month, so can you please tell the health fairie to leave my sweet babies ALONE? First we had the medicine for Tucker's red foot: $39 (which by the way is red again because he's eating it again. Gotta be allergies. He's now...
  15. Dogs
    :bday: My puppy princess, Penny, is 4 years old today!! :party4: :yay: :toot: :party2: :cake: :cake2: :dancing: Happy birthday you little #[email protected]^%&^$ !!! Hahahaha! :lovies:
  16. The Water Cooler
    Have a wonderful day (or what's left of it since your ahead of us in the time zone)!! :bday2: :bday3:
  17. Dogs
    Hi everyone :-) Well, Pheona has yet to get her 1st puppy bath from me yet. She has been bathed before, before we took her home last week, but it's coming time where she needs another bath! Do any furbaby mommies out there want to give advice on this? I've read and heard several diff. things as...
  18. The Water Cooler
    :wave: Hi Y'all. I just started a blog today & I wanted to know how many of you out there are bloggers too. After you take the poll, please reply to my post & let me know.... how long have you been blogging? why do you blog? is blogging helpful or fun for you? does your blog get a lot of...
  19. Dogs
    AAAAAGGGGHHHHH Elvis Lee is sick tonight, I'm up watching him breathe & shiver. :( My parents & Dawn's parents live in our neighborhood & they are all sooo in love with their little grand-puppy Elvis Lee. We have asked them Many times to not give EL any "people food" but if they do, just a...
  20. Dogs
    Hey everyone!! I haven't been around in a while, I was on vacation. But I wanted to fill yas in on how great Petey's been doing, and also to THANK YOU ALL for helping me along!! Let me first say hes getting huge!! I swear he is pretty much Doberman, his ears are so funny looking being mostly...
1-20 of 121 Results