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  1. Dogs
    Yoga + Dog = Doga Doga is a form of yoga that allow you to practice yoga with your dog doing acts of meditation, gentle massage and relaxing stretches. The activity has proven significant benefits both on people and with their canine pets. Below are the list of some of its beneficial values...
  2. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    My six boys live in the same cage and are fed at the same time. This is problematic for weight management. My two small and svelt nakeds are at the bottom of the social hierarchy and are apt to get their food taken from them. I have to monitor to make sure they get enough. And then there...
  3. Cats
    I have a litter of four kittens they are about 2 and half weeks old i know that when they are younger the nest box should be dark and warm. I am wondering when do i stop using the heating pad and when do i allow them in the light full time
  4. Rabbit Discussion
    Noodle is our bunny (1 y,o.) and she is a total sweetheart. She is a house bunny and has supervised freedom in our house. She does run around a bit and definitely jumps up on the sofa (a no-no) about 50 times a day. We are wondering if we should get her outside now that the weather is milder...
  5. Hedgehog Discussion
    so Izzie, my wonder-hog, is quite the wall-hugger. By that I mean that when she is placed in a spot, she looks for a wall, or something that she can stand next to, or ideally, bury into. I have a nice hallway in my large apartment in which she loves to run- she's a little tubby so I take her...
  6. Chinchilla Discussion
    I got a chinchilla a few weeks ago and had a few questions about normal chinchilla behavior. Acording to the vet I took him to hes perfectly healthy and fairly young (maybe around a year). The question I had was, every night after we let him excercise (we've only been letting him play for about...
  7. Dogs
    What do you feed? What type, and length of exercise do you guys do for your dogs? Do you keep reccords? I feed my OBB Merricks Before Grain dry dog food, in the chicken and buffallo flavours. I was kind of disapointed when there wasnt really much actual buffalo in the kibble, as I hear it is...
  8. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    Can gerbils use a roll around balls like hamsters? ~LeeAnn~
1-8 of 8 Results