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  1. Dogs
    He is so photogenic some days! Here are more pics of Mr.Coco! Silly Coco!
  2. Dogs
    So a few days ago Coco (family dog) needed a bath.I happened to have my camera and so I was the "cruel" one taking the pics! :) Coco really doesn't like baths,but he will stand there patiently and look sad and pitiful! "Please don't put me in the bath" "We all done?"
  3. Dogs
    Hi Everyone, Please watch Oprah's show tomorrow on Puppy Mills. It will change your life. We must do something to stop this. TOGETHER WE STAND! Please spread the word so as many people watch this as possible. Thanks, Jackie
  4. New Member Introductions
    HI! I am 23 and I live in Northwest Arkansas. I have a cat, Kaira, American short hair gray tabby that lives with me at my apartment and that is all right now. However my boyfriend has 2 mice who I also listed cus when I see them everyday they feel like mine too. They are Alexstrasza and...
  5. Dogs
    My sister just got a Burmese Mountain Dog puppy and I was just wondering if anyone here has any info on this breed that she should know now. I looked up some things, but if there is anybody with experience with the breed I would love to here from you. Thanks!
  6. Dogs
    I moved home to take care of my mom little brother and all the pets. But our older family dog (Suma) has gotten snippy, it's not centered around any part of her body. She about 10 but still real frisky. She's a chow Besingi mix and she's always been protective, but now we have to put in in...
  7. Dogs
    New pictures of CoCo! He is technically a family dog,as he has been in our family since he was 6 weeks old (he is now 10)...but he lives with mom,so I just call him mom's dog! I really like how some of these came out!
  8. Dogs
    Does anyone have any experience with glaucoma in dogs? My parents cocker spaniel, Naomi, just got diagnosed with it yesterday. She's on medication now, but that's more to try to delay her getting it in her other eye then it is to help the one she already has it in. The vet said that if she...
  9. Dogs
    This is a bit of a weird post, please don't see it as a drama starter. I don't want anyone to argue, I'm looking to get rid of a prejudice and cure a phobia underneath it all. Due to some experiences as a child I have quite a bad prejudice against pitts and staffs. I recognise that it is...
  10. Dogs
    I was talking to a family friend in St.John's about buying an house& such& he said I should look into getting a guard dog or two. & Immediately I thought of dogs being kept outside 24/7...& didn't like that& told him& he said no it's not like that at all& he said that the dogs he kept in his...
  11. Rabbit Discussion
    Silly Zeus... I spend tons of money buying him new toys, and what does he play with? Empty water bottles! I have a small trash can in the room that he runs around in when I let him out, he always knocks over the trash and finds something weird to play with. He really really likes empty...
  12. The Water Cooler
    Well I know I'm not the most "active" person on the forum and since there are now so many users and I can't keep track of everyone LOL I wanted to kind of get to know everyone(Iknow thats where the introdutions section comes in but I really can't keep track) ...So if you don't mind introducing...
  13. Memorials
    ...well, not exactly "puppy"...but my poor dog! :cry: He was only eleven years old & we had to put him down on Monday due to some dang stupid cancer that he had! >:O If you're bored & ready for a long story, you could continue to read on if you like... otherwise, I'm guessing the most of you...
  14. Dogs
    My son is considering adopting a Jack Russel puppy or even a Jack Russel Mix from Rescue if he can find one. We are wondering if anyone has one in thier family and can give us information regarding personality and temperment. Particularly around small children. I have always heard they were...
  15. The Water Cooler
    so what were you??? your kids??? you neices or nefews???? any halloween pics post them here i'll start my dog Troy :) (he's with his freind seb here thats the vets dog. me my nefew my brother in law
  16. PT Games
    This game is fairly easy, what you have to do is name 5, and then post your own for someone else to name 5 of, and so on.. For example.... Name 5 breeds of dog.. Corgi King charles spaniel German Shepherd Yorkshire terrior Pit Bull So to start off.. Name 5 items of clothing..
  17. Dogs
    Of course, no papers have been signed yet, but... I just thought I'd update you guys on my 6 year endeavor to get a Dane. ;) I've been talking to a breeder a few hours away from me, and she's got a breeding taking place in a few days. If it takes, she's predicting an all black litter. I'm...
  18. General Animal Discussion
    hi many of you may not have heard about the 2 attacks on babies in 2 days by rotties in the uk people are calling for a change in the dangerous dog act one 5 month old baby was torn to pieces and killed and one toddler was recovering in hospital today ive never owned a rottie but have my large...
  19. Dogs
    I have written about Peepers before, she is my boyfriends familys dog...she has been slowly going down hill...she is deaf and blind, and lately hasn't wanted to eat, so we checked her out and she had an absesed tooth, so she is at the vets getting whats left of her teeth removed, but it looks...
1-20 of 93 Results