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  1. The Water Cooler
    LOL! This is why detail is important(Warning: Raw Humor) Because without it, you might be selling your child on the black market.
  2. General Animal Discussion
    To all of you pet lovers out there! Pet Expo USA is throwing another huge expo; anyone who loves animals can't miss it! The next Expo will be on August 7-8 in Pomona, California, at the Pomona Fairplex/L.A. County Fairgrounds. Thousands are expected to attend, and there will be animals of...
  3. The Water Cooler
    Any one twittering? Its a fun way to keep in contact with friends and family by posting short little updates for each other to follow. Its a way to stay close with the people you want to stay close to. You can set it up so only friends can see your updates or set...
  4. The Water Cooler
    Yayz! i found out today that my brother is home from Iraq! not home to the USA, but hes back in Germany with his wife and son, so its home to him :) I haven't gotten to talk to him yet, my mom called today and said Kenny (his son) called her and said daddy's home and hes not leaving anymore...
  5. The Water Cooler
    My daughter is an amazing author, she loves to write, and trust me when I say its way beyond her years, she frequents a website called oneword...and this is what she wrote for the word feather... Feather I feel like an idiot. I am sitting on my bed, and there are pillows everywhere. No, I...
  6. The Water Cooler
    To all my PT friends... .....,in case any are wondering ..... just wanted to let you know why I havent been around much since this past weekend. I am very sad and going thru something terribly heartwrenching. My barely 16 year old daughter has runaway Friday night. She left with a friend...
1-6 of 6 Results