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  1. General Animal Discussion
    Cat food is only suitable for ferrets if it contains a fair amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and other vitamins that a ferret can obtain from fresh meat otherwise. Since cat foods are made exclusively for cats, any given ingredients can be a surplus for ferrets.
  2. Ferret Discussion
    Hey everyone, I’m new to the forums here and just wanted to share my success I have had with this food. The food is made by “BlueBuffalo” and is there “Wilderness diet” brand. Yes, this is a cat food and before I get yelled at let me just say that in all my years of ferret ownership I have...
  3. Ferret Discussion
    These products have done wonders for my ferret. They can be reached at 888-338-1651 Give them a call.... Wysong Pet Products
  4. Ferret Discussion
    I am thinking of getting a ferret. Can anyone recommend any websites? Or help me find out what i need before i bring home my ferret/ferrets?
  5. Ferret Discussion
    ok so I need help about getting a ferret. first of all, I HAVE to ask, where to get one. I understand some pet stores arent good to buy from but would buying a ferret from a good one be alright? theres this one big pet store that sells all sorts of exotic animals. they are expensive granted, but...
  6. Ferret Discussion
    DO anyonw know where I can kind breeders in NNew York City, MD, or in North Carolina around Elizabeth City, NC, or some where around VA Beach. What is the average price for a baby (kit) Ferret?
  7. Ferret Discussion
    I miss having a ferret buddy and have been thinking about foster a pair of old chaps for a local rescue .This would more than likely become a perm situation for they are not too adoptable :( It has been quite a few years since a ferret has been in my care so any advice or just brush me up on...
  8. Degu Discussion
    :wave: Hi, I had a lot of questions about building a cage, and I didn't think I should put them under the galvenized wire post, so here they are. 1) Has anyone made their own and cage good pics?? 2) Can I use wood?? or would they chew it all off? 3) What is they minimum size for 2-3 degus? 4)...
  9. Ferret Discussion
    Hello............... :wavey: What are the three main things YOU would say that a new ferret owner should know and understand before buying a ferret?
  10. Ferret Discussion
    In the future we are thinking about getting a pair of ferrets, from a breeder probably, and I realize that ferret food is kind of difficult to find around here, but there is one store that sells it. Anyway, I was wondering if ferrets can eat cat food [or kitten food , cause I heard they need...
  11. Ferret Discussion
    I seen a ad on CL (craigslist) a new ferret owner had no idea.Please answer this question. Q)What should you NOT feed a ferret? Sorry about the two questions.I sent a email and told the new owner to check this forum out.I hope you all dont mind.
  12. Ferret Discussion
    My sister and her boyfriend are moving into their own apartment in a few weeks and they're adopting two ferrets from her boyfriends niece because she doesn't want them anymore. What are you sapose to feed ferrets? My sister said that the girl she's getting them from feeds them cat food. I...
  13. Ferret Discussion
    Hi! My name is Christen and I just moved to Alaska and my apartment won't allow me to have a dog or a cat so I'm considering getting a ferret. I don't know what sex to chose for one and for another I'm really concerned about the smell. I will scoop the litter several times a day and change the...
  14. Ferret Discussion
    I live in california and we can't have Ferrets here, now that being said i've noticed that some pet stores carry Ferret food & toys and what not. Iknow the toys can be used for different animals but my main question is why sell Ferret items if they aren't allowd here? yes i know nothing about...
  15. Ferret Discussion
    I was wondering if any of you have ever use it before or are using it right now? Does it really work and help eliminate the body odor and feces odor?
  16. General Animal Discussion
    good evening all. i am considering getting another critter.. like i need more :rolleyes: i have had all the following.. rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, one mouse, and many cold blooded creatures. i dont want another cold blooded one, if i get anymore of those its going to be a gecko. i...
  17. Ferret Discussion
    Hi, I have four ferrets, a 4 yr old female, a 2 yr old female, a 2 yr old male and my youngest isn't yet a yr old. My three older ferrets keep losing weight. I don't know why I haven't changed anything. I give them I think it's called vita cal or somthing to help them keep a healthy weight...
  18. Ferret Discussion
    I was thinking about a ferret. Do they need to be socialized? and do they really smell as bad as I've heard?
  19. Pet Health Concerns
    My poor ferret, smokey, won't eat anything. I've tried the duck soup multiple times, I've tried straight ferret food and straight baby food (of various flavors), and she just won't eat. She's losing weight rapidly. She's also pretty old (almost 6 1/2). I don't want her to go through any...
  20. Ferret Discussion
    Time for me to start freaking out again... I just found out I'm killing my ferrets. I used ferret shampoo with aloe in it, not knowing that aloe can be fatal to ferrets. I've also been giving my babies Yogies which has sugar in it and 8-in-1 banana raisin treats, which are harmful to them b/c...
1-20 of 50 Results