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  1. New Member Introductions
    Im new here and wanted to say hi. I am normally on facebook but wanted to see what kinds of pet forums were out there. I found this one. I am the dog owner to a pug who will be 8, a mother to six kids ages 3 - 24 and a wife to a recently retired army soldier. We have our own business making...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I've had small critters as pets for most of my life. I started with mice at age 12. I've had gerbils, hamsters, and rats throughout my teens. I got a flying squirrel named Scalisti (hence my user name) when I was 18, and he passed away when he was 14 (I was 31 and very sad). Throughout my 20's...
  3. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy 20% off PLUS Free Shipping on orders $20.00 or more starting NOW until Dec. 2nd!!! Use this code in your shopping cart: 20PerEntireOrder
  4. Ferret Discussion
    Im going to be adopting my friends ferret in a few weeks where they dont have the time for her that she deserves. Shes going to be 6 in a few months so shes getting up there in ferret years so i wanted to know if anyone had any advice for taking care of an older ferret =) i already have a...
  5. Ferret Discussion
    We've got two ferrets who live roaming free in our living room, one is a healthy weight but the other is really chubby. When we first got him he was the runt of a family of rabbiting ferrets so he was severely underweight and malnourished. We've always free-fed our other ferret and he's never...
  6. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    i want to add another furry friend(s) to my zoo! :D ! but i can't decide what to get. I'm thinking maybe a ferret, a rat, or a gerbil. but I'm open to any ideas! i can save up for any cage of any size, so that's not a problem. :) Any suggestions on what i should get? :tramp:
  7. Memorials
    I had to euthanize my ferret today. He was 9 years old. My sister adopted him from her neglectful friend about 5 1/2 years ago. I will call his last owner "V". His name used to be Silverado (does not fit him. lol). V got him as a baby from a newspaper ad (that is what she told us) along with...
  8. Ferret Discussion
    Hi, I've never owned a ferret, but I've always thought about it. Do they bite and can you potty train them to only poop in a designated spot? How friendly are they, and do they require a lot of attention or are they more independent? And what are the main differences in between owning a pet...
  9. Ferret Discussion
    I find my ferret sneezing a lot lately, what could be wrong? There are no kind of shavings in cage but he is not in the cage most of the time running around the house and goes behind the stove most of the time. (stove is never on when fink is loose and about)
  10. General Animal Discussion
    So I had my male (Trooper) for about 5 months. He was never really noisey, very quiet guy, never made the sounds all the websites tell me they make. Never thought anything of it. But he does hiss, 24/7. Or at least it sounds like a hiss. It is very low and sounds like hes pushing all the air...
  11. Vet Recommendations
    Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Laurie Hess, and I am a board-certified bird veterinarian who specializes in the care of exotic animals (birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, degus, reptiles, sugar gliders, rats, mice, amphibians, other...
  12. Ferret Discussion
    my sister was just telling me she feeds her ferret peanut better and fruit and milk cuz her vet said it was a good way to fatten them up where they had been abused and were very skinny. that doesnt sound good for them at all is the vet a total crack head?
  13. Ferret Discussion
    Ok so I want a ferret, been wanting one for a while. The only places I know of near me that has any is Petdepot and Petco. Is getting one from one of those a good idea? I'm just not sure of a good place to get one. I do plan on getting another one if I can get this first one, whenever I can get one.
  14. Ferret Discussion
    I dont kno where else to go - sev wks ago my 5 yr old boy ferret was fine & later in the day when I got home from work he wouldnt come out of his bed - lethargic, weaving his head, dehydrated....just not himself. Took him to the E-vet & they gave sub-Q fluids & sent me home w/amoxicillan b/c I...
  15. Ferret Discussion
    I would love to have a pet ferret, I know they are pests in the country i live in but have read you can own them if you have registration papers. However where can you get a pet ferret in the first place if no pet stores, no animal refuge centers adopt them out.. So my question is where in NZ...
  16. Ferret Discussion
    These products have done wonders for my ferret. They can be reached at 888-338-1651 Give them a call.... Wysong Pet Products
  17. Vet Recommendations
    I am looking for a vet in the Hatboro/ Horsham area who deals with small pets, such as rats, gerbils, and ferrets. Any leads woudl be greatly appriciated!:)
  18. Ferret Discussion
    Well, my mom said she's going to get a new white ferret, and we know nothing about them, so first starting out with a ferret, any tips? Also, we have a rabbit and 2 other gerbils, is that a problem? Thanks. I need all the tips I can get! :D
  19. Ferret Discussion
    i got my kit about a week ago hes 15 weeks give or take and hes a true albino and everything has be awsome until i started givng him a few peices of cat kibble as treats for potty training and positive reenforcement, the problem is that the second his toung touchs anything other then his normal...
  20. New Member Introductions
    Hi, just a quick intro and also testing my profile. I am thinking of getting a ferret at some point so would be interested in reading info on their care. Nice forum!
1-20 of 25 Results