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  1. Dogs
    I have seen my friends pet fighting with fleas and ticks and I don't want that happen to mine, any prevention measures or things whihc I can buy to prevent flea attacks.:(
  2. Cats
    My cats have caught fleas for the first time, and we are having trouble getting rid of them. We treated them with a spray, but they were re infested within a week. A few days ago, my mother brought home Sergeant's PreTect in squeeze on tubes, but when I looked it up (I am scared of using any...
  3. Rabbit Discussion
    With the weather becomming nice, I have to guard my rabbits against fleas again. I use nonperscription Advantage, but with more than one rabbit, it can get expensive. I buy Advantage for cats over 9 pounds. My rabbits weigh just over 6 pounds each. Each tube of Advantage contains 20 drops...
1-3 of 4 Results