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  1. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    :)Hi, I decided that I want gerbils and am going to get some (I'm allowed to)!!!:woot2: :D Now I am looking for some gerbils for sale. Does anyone know anyone that has gerbils for sale, or where I can get them? :yipee:
  2. Sugar Glider Discussion
    I have a five month old baby sugar glider for sale. He is sweet, fun, and playful. I simply don''t have the time to play with him as much as i should :[ I''m also going to college in August and can''t have a pet at my apartment complex :[[ If you are interested please email me at sunshinebby5508...
  3. Sugar Glider Discussion
    Hey everyone. This is my second sugar glider, she isn't old but is mature. The first glider was known as bubbles and had a tragic swimming accident :-( And now, "Sugars Mommas" is all by her lonesome. I really want her to enjoy life and experience what one of you loving owners has to offer...
1-3 of 3 Results