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  1. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    While I don't know much about keeping rats and mice as pets, I have been learning recently, and I must say I have a new attitude regarding these cute little creatures. I began reading your posts on this thread for two reasons: 1) Because there is basically nothing else happening anywhere else on...
  2. Site Help and Suggestions
    So my Blackberry just went off and I discovered that [email protected] had sent me an e-mail. Curious, I opened it and found this: [email protected] via to me Topic: Hello Members, Good news!!! Dear BarkingPup !!! If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You A...
  3. Other Exotics
    Seems there is a lot of anti-exotic sentiment from some members here. "wild" animals shouldn't be kept as pets, sort of stuff. Even though most exotic so called wild pets haven't seen the wild for more generations than most members have been alive. We shouldn't abandon here because maybe we can...
1-3 of 3 Results