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  1. Dogs
    A week ago we picked up this cutie to foster: He's a dachshund mix and had been abandoned outside so we don't really know his back story. Walter is really sweet and playful--he has the typical dachshund stubbornness, though! :lol: There are already two applications in to adopt him, haha...
  2. Dogs
    This is current foster dog.
  3. Dogs
    Here are some pictures I took last night of my foster boy Cabot.He was sleeping weirdly.He was also dreaming and I tried taking a video,but it was too dark and then he woke up and looked unimpressed that I was taking pics of him! :hehe: More coming...
  4. Dogs
    Here is my newest foster dog,a sweet beagle mix named Abbott.He follows me around and super cuddly! He is pretty well mannered in the house as well. More coming...
  5. Dogs
    Here are a few pictures of my foster boy,Denny enjoying a tartar buster! For anyone wondering...the bag is to protect his paw and excuse the carpet.It wasn't vacumned,because I am having issues with my vacumn not working well. More coming...
1-5 of 5 Results