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  1. Animals in Need
    Hello, I just recently moved in with my girlfriend and unfortunately she is very allergic to cats so I need to find a new home for mine :\. I have owned him for 4+ years and he was 1 or 2 when I adopted him from the SPCA. I'd love to find another foster family/home for him so I don't have to...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello friends! I'm Margaret, I recently started a little non-profit called Furry Foster with my foster "failure", Dodger Dog. We're excited to share stories with fellow animal lovers!
  3. Dogs
    We decided to foster Foxy until she gets adopted(unless things don't work out with the kitties) but they don't really know what kind of breed she is. She is a pretty small girl under 20 pounds. To me it looks like she could have som whippet in her.
  4. Dogs
    Introducing Norris! He is a new foster dog of mine who extremely active and smart. He is a Australian Cattle Dog Border Collie mix. Very friendly and hasn't yet met a dog he doesn't like, Cats not so much (he chases them).
  5. Dogs
    Hello all! I got a call from the humane society that I volunteer at this morning, and they told me that they had a miniature dachshund puppy that was tied to the door knob of the main building and asked me if I might be interested in fostering him (DUH!). Well this little cutie doesn't have a...
  6. Animals in Need
    My oldest rat, Zen is CUTE yet temperamental/competitive/super-dominant/independent a.k.a. when she's not snuggling with her 2 other cagemates, she's picking on them. Zen was my first rat & she's from a pet store so I'm obviously figuring out that her independent personality/competitive nature...
  7. Dogs
    Here are my foster dogs. Sasha (boxer), Sally (basset hound), Buddy (Whippet/Lab) Tom (Jack Russell Terrier/Rat Terrier/pitbull mix)
  8. Dogs
    I'm really terrible about posting updates about my pets--most of you probably don't even know what kinds of dogs I have! :lol: But I've decided that I have no excuse because it's Friday and so I'm done with work early, no classes until Monday, etc. First off, one of my previous fosters (we...
  9. Dogs
    So in about an hour or so,I will be getting another foster dog.A 13 yr old beagle. I cannot wait,as I took abit of a break from fostering and haven't had a foster dog since September! So it's been a minute since I had a foster.I will be sure to post pictures once I get her!
  10. Dogs
    Well I don't post here often but I was the Crazy one that posted that MIN PINS are not Evil!!! I got alot of replies with good responses those made me Happy. So today I did it again, I have 4 Min Pins as Some know: Tyson, Miley, Hunter and Bella and now 1 more, Here is the Story of Mannie...
  11. Cats
    Ginngy siting in front of my monitor...again... all the time really makes seeing what your typing or reading hard. Notice hat she's looking at?Huh?Huh? YouTube and.....PAW-TALK
  12. Cats
    Diary of Oreo and Gingivitis, 2 foster kitten from the Ottawa Humane Society.Started October 4th 2008 (Saturday) October 4th 2008-Day 1:Welcome Home Picked up some new foster kittens this morning and we check is Sumaii had been adopted, I am glad to say she was adopted on the 30th of September...
  13. Cats
    Well we brought Sumaii back to the shelter today, and she is scheduled to be fixed at 9:00 tomorrow. I've been really missing her and I just keep waiting to hear her little bell on her collar ringing. She was such a part of the family that even the dogs were looking for her. I want my kitty.:(
  14. Dogs
    So the two boys,Dylan and Presley went to another home today.Well I just got a new foster boy about an hour ago. His name is Martin and he is about 8 yrs old.I knew him when he first came to Beagle Paws,when I was doing shifts at the office/kennel.Poor Martin has been at the rescue over 1 yr...
  15. Dogs
    So you remember Denny? I just fostered him not too long ago.Well I got an email from his new adoptive family today! They thanked me for fostering him and giving him TLC! And then they gave me their email and said they would update me anytime I want with pictures and whatnot! I just thought...
  16. Dogs
    So Denny JUST left to go to another home. He actually went back to his first foster owners.He was being fostered by someone else before I got him.And he came to me because she went out of town.She came back and wanted to foster Denny again. I am taking in two more dogs again later tonight though.
  17. Dogs
    Some newer Denny (current foster beagle) pics! This is his paw. He had to have two toes amputated.It is healing up and he can walk on it no problem,it mainly just looks bad now.But it is healing up.I just have to prevent him from chewing/licking at it,which has proven to be quite easy...
  18. Dogs other foster,Jack went to another foster home today and we did a switch.The reason why,the rescue had this little guy and he doesn't like ANY other dogs and they had nowhere for him to go,where there were no dogs.Because Jack likes dogs,they switched and put Jack in another home that...
  19. Cats
    I will be posting new pictures and videos of my foster kittens Sumaii and Kaede here from now on. My foster Kitten Bio's Sumaii and Kaede (Sum-ae and Kay-de) are 5 1/6- 6 week old female kittens who were found on the streets.Poor babies. Sumaii is the dark torbi and is really hyper and like to...
1-19 of 19 Results