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  1. Other Exotics
    toddsnvixens.weebly .com A great place to find information about pet foxes, before during and after you get your fox friend.
  2. Other Exotics
    Hey! I am hoping to raise foxes in the future (and maybe other exotic animals such as squirrels and wolves and exotic reptiles) I'm looking for as much information on raising them as I possibly can. I've already gotten a lot of info from a website called ThePetFox but I am missing a few crucial...
  3. Other Exotics
    I am looking to adopt a fennec fox kit in a few years, and I was wondering if anybody knows of any reputable breeders that I would be able to contact. I have already e-mailed the breeders on this website: A lot of their websites have been disabled, so...
  4. Other Exotics
    I was in a new petstore today to see what they had to offer and as I passed the cages something caught my eye.....It was a Fennec Fox! He was all by himself and looked very thin and scared. Fennec Foxes need very finely tuned care in order to be healthy and happy ( I think the only place they...
1-4 of 4 Results