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  1. Dogs
    Hey! Please share interesting videos of doggies, man's best friend :D Here's one to start off the thread:
  2. Cats
    I rescued a kitten in the begining of October. I think he is about 12 weeks old now. When I got him he had medium length fur. Now the fur on his spine is REALLY long but everywhere else its short. Could his fur stay like this or will it even out?? Oh he was all black when I got him. Now his...
  3. Chinchilla Discussion
    Hey everyone! I'm excited to be joining such a great chinchilla centric community, I own a chinchilla named Ball Ball, he's a violet (I believe, my cousin gave it to us!) and I thought what better way to do an introduction than a video of him! This is a maze my friends and I built for him...
  4. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    So I was just skipping around some old posts here in paw-talk.. and I ran across kinda an argument.. Im sure lilspaz will remember... It was posted by a Diamond01.. here is the part I found funny... "I hope you have good luck and ocasinaly give them a little bit of pizza or stake is ok but...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Howdy everyone just joined here with my dogs and merlin the cat. Gonna go exploring now :) Have a good one.
  6. Mouse & Rat Discussion
    After dinner tonight, I noticed Stanley sleeping in the corner of his cage in a very, um, different way. I checked to make sure his arm was actually ok and wasn't stuck (it wasn't--he moved it back right away on his own), and then I got my camera and took a few pictures. They're not the best...
  7. Rabbit Discussion
    You always hear how dogs and cats save the day so I thought as a pick-me-up it would be interesting to hear funny, inspirational or even miraculous stories about rabbits, feel free to share. Thanks!
  8. Rabbit Discussion
    My two bunnys Creamy and Penny: Awww X)) In my signature. Aren't they adorabbbleee? Eeee :)
  9. The Water Cooler
    I thought I would make a thread for night, when you are up and bored, where you can post whatever you want :) :poke: I wish I had a Oreo shake right now :P
  10. Dogs
    When I came home, my niece was so excited to show this to me, this just made my day...
  11. Hooved Animal Discussion
    Ok this is so funny now but not then. we were at ocean city and we wanted to go to Assateague Island to see the wild horses so we drive around till we see some in the distance we get out of the car but we still can't see them that well so me and linda my moms friend walk throught the packs of...
  12. The Water Cooler
    ok, I took this video maybe four years ago, and FINALLY got permission from my brother to put it online, haha! so if you're looking for a laugh, check out this cutie:
  13. Cats
    Where are the oddest places your kittens will sleep? Here are a couple of pictures of mia's 5 week old babies almost 6 weeks sleeping in odd ways and places.
  14. Gerbil & Hamster Discussion
    I was looking around youtube and found this video and thought is was too cute so here is the link for anyone wanting to watch it lol
  15. The Water Cooler
    I'm sure everyone has seen this video, but I had to post it anyway. It always brightens my day! :D
  16. General Animal Discussion
    Has anyone visited this site? I am sure if not you have seen the photos around. I made a facebook album of my faves thus far &ones I made! Lolcats icanhazcheezburger
  17. Cats
    I really have to share this video, I couldn't stop laughing while I was filming and every time I watch it still laugh. This is Hyrum playing with one of his fluffy balls that I made for him. He's never reacted this way before, lol. He really didn't want to get off of the towel. Too hilarious...
  18. Dogs
    Well I was looking through the photos on my dads computer and I found this old picture I took probably 2 years or maybe a little less of Kiwi
  19. Dogs
    Heyyah everyone! Well, Indie seems to itch his ears a lot, but the vet told us that everything was fine with them. Today, I looked in his ears and started rubbing them gently inside and out.... It turned out that he loved his ears being rubbed inside so much that his leg started shaking and he...
  20. Cats
    This is why I love cats, their weird quirks...try not to laugh at these videos, it is hard!!
1-20 of 20 Results