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  1. General Rodent Chat
    well i have 30 rodents!! so here ya go: Benji,Joel,Hope,Hunter,Levi,Charlotte,Dylan,Jake,Evan,Baylee,Madden,Combs,Halloween,Life,Harmony,Ramona,Faith,Valentine,Grave,Windy,Destiny,Melody,Emily,Dracula,Lestat,Amy,Sophie,Lilith,Persephone e Infinity :pile:
  2. General Rodent Chat
    i've been trying to decide which rodent is best for me, besides syrian hamsters, because i already have one. i may be getting another rodent in the near future along with my current hamster, so i need some help. anyway, i'm fine with keeping more than one animal. i have a limited budget. i can't...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Well why not introduce myself.... I'm 23, live in NY, and have been owned by pets all my life. My current "zoo": 2 cats 12 rats 14 cairo spiny mice (I breed these... note: NONE are EVER for sale or given away.. I'm working on their temperament and at this time I feel they are nowhere near...
1-3 of 3 Results