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  1. New Member Introductions
    im tegan from aussie! i have lots of animals. rabbits, cat, two dogs, some chickens, 4 horses and gold fish :) my favourite animal would be the horses and rabbits. we have two babies left that we need to raise ourselves. i have my mum and dad (they love animals also) the theres my two sisters...
  2. Pet Health Concerns
    My gold fish has a lump like a bubble uder its chin, can anyone help?
  3. Aquatic Discussion
    Hello PawTalk, Iv had fish as a teen (Guppies, gold fish, mollies, angel fish & barbs) I found these fish messy and uninteresting to watch. I have a 10 gal tank which I plan to start a "fishless" cycle before I start making a "community". Have looked at the different types of sharks and was...
  4. Vents and Rants
    I fell absolutly craptacualar today... To start out, my gold fish Angel died. I dont care if its "just a fish", I had that thing for 3 years and its the one fish I acually really liked and cared about. Goldies have something about them that makes them just great fish to have... like when they...
  5. Aquatic Discussion
    Ok... Im getting a friend for my gold fish. It was acting a little wierd yesterday and didnt want to do anything but sleep. It had no bumps or fin tears or anyhting to suggest illness, so I got my water tested. That was fine. I know it had acted this way before when it was lonely, and Ive...
  6. Aquatic Discussion
    My common gold fish Meeko has been "sinking" to the bottom and just staying there at the tanks corner or in a corner made by bubblers, house etc. At first I thought maybe he passed away but when I tried to get him he wiggled away. And then sunk back down to the bottom and sits there. He doesn't...
  7. Memorials
    Ricky my fancy gold fish has passed away today. He was a great little fishy and I am glad I got to rescue him and show him love. Rip Ricky
  8. Aquatic Discussion
    hi,long ago i went to petsmart's i had got three common gold fish,one was white with orange sopts coming in ,the other was gold and the other was a light reddish gold,they were the best fish ever,i hand fed them they swam up to the top when they saw me coming to feed them and when they would...
  9. Aquatic Discussion
    My goldfish!! They are in a 20 gallon tank with lots of plants and stuff to hide in etc! Here we have Milo and Bella in the background! Doodles Fizz Bella
  10. Memorials
    Sharky was a funny gold fish. My boyfriend got him and meeko because they had black on them. Well the black marks went away and I had to study their fins to be able to tell them apart. Anyways he was a cool little fishy. RIP SHARKY
  11. Aquatic Discussion
    How many fish do you have and what kind? 21 bettas 1 glowlight tetra 1 pencil tetra 2 tiger barbs 2 baby badi 2 plecos 2 gouramis 2 kribensis 3 frogs (ok technically not fish but aquatic 1 guppy 1 platy in total..38 (41 if i include the frogs and if i did the math)
  12. Other Pets
    Dun... Dun... DUN!!! The hermit crab thread! :hapdance: Hehe.... Anyone with crabbies post how many you have, their names and spiecies, what size cage you have, and how long youve owned crabbies! Pic are welcome too! Ill start: I have 11 hermit crabs (hopefully 12 soon!)... Scout- Ruggie...
  13. Aquatic Discussion
    The main reason I wanted to put this post up is because I am not entirely sure if my girl actually has ich or not..but I am thinking it might be. I notice my girl had a big white looking spot on her head which I can't really tell if is ich or not since whenever she got close to me and I got a...
  14. Aquatic Discussion
    I am thinking of getting another 60 gallon aquarium. I currently have a variety of Tropical fish in a community tank right now which is also a 60 gallon. I have done Cichlids and love them but am not sure if i want to go that way again or just what to do if i get another tank. I like Oscars...
  15. Aquatic Discussion
    Hello there I am a newbie to the forums, I would really like to get some helpful advise if at all possible. I have been planning on getting a new male Betta preferably a crown tail very soon for quite sometime now. I was going to use a 2 gallon tank that I have down in my basement where I pretty...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hello there, my name is Sarah I am a 23 year old college student studying to one day become a English teacher in Japan. I am a HUGE animal lover I actually had a dream of becoming a zookeeper when I was little but when I got older realized I was not qualified so I settled for just pet owner. I...
  17. Other Pets
    can i put eggshells in water dish for my hermit crabs as calicium
  18. Aquatic Discussion
    I have a pair of convict cichlids that I need to rehome. I want a live tropical setup so these guys need to go. The pair are proven breeders they have layed eggs a number of times and 99% of them hatched. I am not a breeder I rescued this guys from a teacher who was going to flush them. They...
  19. Aquatic Discussion
    Today my boyfriend adopted a lucky little fish. Don't mind the no gravel part. He's in QT before I put him with my other fish. I believe he is a black moor at least thats what the petstore had him labeled as.We named him Mr. Wiggles :D
  20. Aquatic Discussion
    I saved a gold fish from my mom a few months ago. When I got him he was swimming sideways and and kinda titled. I read up on it and found out that it was a bladder disorder. Well today when I went to clean the tank bubbles was upside down. He still tried to swim and eat he can't swim very well...
1-20 of 73 Results