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  1. Aquatic Discussion
    My display goldie tank :)
  2. Aquatic Discussion
    My 90 gal is now home to * 2 Ryukins 1 Black Moor 1 Fantail * As the tank is now (i shortly need to move it off a carpeted area, so will change slightly when rescaped after pull down)
  3. Aquatic Discussion
    I was wondering what plants would do well with my goldfish? I had java fern and and Anubias but they were quickly shredded.
  4. Aquatic Discussion
    When I was little, a small area in my county became its own city. There was a party at their community building and thats where I ran into my first koi pond. I fell in love instantly and loved them ever since. As I grew older, I forgot about my love for them. Then college came along. In...
  5. Aquatic Discussion
    hey everyone. new question. how do you get rid of columnaris (im guessing) in goldfish? our system of comets, various fantails, and koi has it and gets it often. we keep salt in that system and low temperatures. i do frequent water changes and always condition with seachem prime (my favorite...
  6. Aquatic Discussion
    I recently noticed tiny white bumps on one of my fancy goldfish and frantically searched for more on my other goldfish because I immediately thought it was ich. I thought it strange however, that the white bumps were only on the gil covers of the fish. I consulted my goldfish book and found a...
  7. Aquatic Discussion
    I can't believe this fertile Myrtle fish! She laid eggs again! There are still no other fish in with her. She has recently been moved from the 30 gallon to a 75. We got her a friend but Peaches is still in a 30 gallon in QT. I don't understand this little girl and now we are worried she will...
  8. Aquatic Discussion
    Bought some teeny tiny fantail goldies....ok piccies :), not the best but gives you an idea Sooooo, introducing...... Sunlight Twilight Moonlight Sunlight, Moonlight & Twilight
  9. Aquatic Discussion
    I am in the process of cleaning my goldfish tank because my fish is looking kinda bad. He has developed a couple of knots on his side and his scales are really looking flaky.I came home from work yesterday and noticed he was just sitting in his cave, real still and not eating at all.I've had him...
  10. Hi!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! I'm Nadia (normallytiny) and I'm a twenty-something from the west coast/California. I've got quite a little family and I thought it'd be a good idea to join up somewhere where I can talk with people who've got similar situations going on. :D (I'll eventually upload pics!) But for now, in...
1-10 of 11 Results